TenChat: How To Use The New Social Network And How To Make Money On It?

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How many social networks do you know? Five? Seven? Each of them serves its own purposes and is popular among its target audience. It would seem that all the needs of users have already been covered, there is nothing to invent. But no, in the Russian market, until recently, the niche of the business social network was still open.

We know that LinkedIn, the largest network for finding business contacts, is popular all over the world. Unfortunately, in Russia it can only be opened via a VPN, so few of us know about it.

The problem was solved by the new social network released this year—TenChat. This is a business platform for finding partners, customers, and employees. This is a full-fledged replacement for LinkedIn in the Russian market and even more. There is no spam, no memes, no cats, everything is on point.

TenChat How To Use The New Social Network And How To Make Money On It ?

Benefits Of TenChat

The social network was created for business communication, business dating and networking. The entire audience here can be divided into 4 groups: entrepreneurs, company employees, freelancers, opinion leaders (bloggers).

At the moment, TenChat is only available as an app for Android and iOS, but the developers promise to release a desktop version of the app soon.

Among the advantages of the new social network are the following:

Smart Tape

TenChat has no entertainment content, information is clearly filtered and segmented thanks to the smart feed algorithm. Before publishing, the user is prompted to select the appropriate headings so that the post gets into the recommendations to the “right people”. TenChat offers 75+ categories, among which everyone will find something useful for themselves.

To ensure that the user comes across only interesting publications, and there is more benefit from scrolling through the application, you can set up the feed by headings. Nothing extra!

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According to the developers of the social network: high-quality content easily gains 50,000 – 100,000 views absolutely free. And no matter how many subscribers you have, the algorithms work for you!

Useful Tools

Among the most curious are Business.Tinder, a service for checking contractors, searching for government orders and business partners, and many others.

The most important advantage is novelty

The social network appeared this year, and is not oversaturated with users yet. It’s time to register, find your niche and gain subscribers. To do this in TenChat is much more convenient and faster than in Telegram or VKontakte. While the pies are hot, you can even sin with mass following and mass liking!

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How To Register In TenChat?

The registration procedure is very standard and simple.

1 Enter phone number

To get started, you will need to enter your phone number to receive an SMS with a code and create a page. You can register an account on a Russian, Belarusian or Kazakh number.

2. Select profile type

Businessman, employee, blogger, artist, reader, freelancer, self-employed, civil servant. The choice of profile type is a key point on which the content and functions of the profile will depend.

3. Complete your profile

Of course, to use the social network at a trivial level, it is enough to fill in the basic information: full name, date of birth and contact information. But to get all the benefits of TenChat, get the most out of it and build business connections, this is not enough.

Pay attention to the columns “biography”, “education”, “work experience”. Well-filled, they will help your profile flourish and get more attention.

4. Customize the social network for yourself

Specify areas of interest. There are a lot of them here: from crowdfunding to poetry.

Choose a professional goal:

  • Expanding business ties
  • I develop professional skills
  • Looking for specialized experts
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Looking for new orders
  • Hiring
  • Networking

Do not forget to check the box next to the “open to offers” box if you are looking for a job, looking for business partners or employees in the company.

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How To Make Business Connections In TenChat?

There are 3 ways:

1 Transfer contacts from phonebook

It is very easy to do this in the settings, by analogy with other well-known social networks.

2. TenChat recommendations

This is where we need a well-filled profile. TenChat algorithms will be based on your field of activity, goals, studied content.

3. Independent search

It can be done using the first and last name, as well as configure the following parameters:

  • Region, city
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Skills
  • Profile type
  • work experience
  • Education

How To Publish A Post In TenChat?

The application interface is extremely simple, it is easy to understand on an intuitive level.

To post a post, just click the blue “add” button at the bottom of the main screen and select the format: post or story.

You can add a photo, link, mention, or document to a post. Before publishing, you must select a relevant topic from the list of suggested ones. This will help optimize the content, positively impact views, and make it easier for your target audience to find content.

Stories are also pretty standard and disappear after the usual 24 hours. Their functionality cannot be called interesting. All that can be added to a TenChat story so far is text, a mention, a link, and a poll.

How To Make Money In TenChat

How To Make Money In TenChat?

Besides the obvious monetization of your skills through finding customers and partners, there is another way to monetize your account. We must not forget that this is the same social network and it has its own bloggers, opinion leaders. This means that you can make money in TenChat through the publication of advertising, sponsored content.

Already, brands are beginning to look at this platform with appetite as a new marketing channel, but for bloggers, this is the very moment to develop their account and start publishing content.

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According to the classic scheme, when choosing a blogger for advertising integration, brands evaluate the statistics and overall performance of the blogger’s account. If the account is new, then the numbers will obviously not be taken from the ceiling.

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Well, if you can overtake the audience from other social networks. Then the chance to raise the performance of your account in a short time is much higher.

What if not? Do not worry. The good news is that there are blogging platforms that are happy to work with TenChat influencers on a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) payment model. When working with CPA, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have! The only important thing is how many customers you bring to the advertiser.

This means that earnings can be unlimited. CPA doesn’t put you in a fixed frame. Example: you work with Sbermarket, you have a personal discount code provided by the platform. You make a post in which you talk about the service and share the promotional code with the audience. How much will you earn? As many as users will use your promo code.

Now imagine, TenChat is a new platform with wonderful algorithms that, when setting the subject, pushes your publication only to the feeds of the target audience. Thus, your post can easily go viral and get thousands of views. This means that thousands of people can use your promo code. And this is a serious monetary equivalent

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TenChat is a powerful tool today, don’t miss the opportunity to use it correctly and get the coveted recognition of the audience, but the Perfluence blogging platform can help monetize the whole thing.

Perfluence is a platform where CPA bloggers have already earned more than 1.5 billion rubles. This is a platform open for cooperation with bloggers in TenChat and for advertising integration with the largest brands in Russia and the CIS.

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