How to move installed programs in Windows to another hard drive or SSD

How to move installed programs in Windows to another hard drive or SSD
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This simple application allows you to move the installed  programs on your computer to another hard drive or SSD without losing anything.

When it comes to installing a program or application on the computer, we always get the typical wizard that guides us step by step through the installation itself (be careful not to click next, next, next … then we install anything along the way

One of the steps is always to choose the installation directory. That is, we must decide where we want to install the program. As a general rule, the default location in Windows is usually in the C: drive and in the ‘Program Files’ folder.


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How to move installed programs in Windows to another hard drive or SSD

FreeMove to move installed programs in Windows

Now, and after a few months we want to change that location ? As a general rule, the vast majority of programs do not include this option, although since Windows 10 and with the arrival of Universal applications there are some that allow it, but it is not usually the case.

Obviously it doesn’t work to copy and paste the installation folder from one place to another, so in many cases we have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall, with the inconvenience of losing the configurations , settings or data that we had.

One solution is FreeMove, a simple open source application that allows us to freely move – hence its name – programs from one drive to another within the same computer.

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That is, with FreeMove we could change the installation of a game or a program that is installed in C: to a new hard drive or SSD storage that we have installed, something especially useful when we are short of space on the PC .


Its operation could not be simpler. We simply open the program and in the “Move from” section we select the folder of the program that we want to move. Pay attention to this step because you have to select the root folder and not one of the subfolders.

Secondly, in “To”, we indicate the place to which we want to move and that’s it. Automatically the files will change units. The files will continue to appear in the original place, but they are actually mere “links”, in reality they are not taking up space and are references to the system.

You can download FreeMove for free here . We have tested it and it works correctly, but of course before moving anything we recommend that you make a backup copy of the data, it is better to be safe.

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