How to remove SIM PIN from Huawei, Step by Step guide

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How to remove SIM PIN from Huawei . Every time you open mobile phone in Huawei , you will be prompted to enter two PINs: SIM PIN and one to unlock the screen. Typing Two PINs isn’t something you’ll want to encounter every time, so you’re looking for a solution that will make your mobile phone easier to access when you reboot, right? I am happy to say that I can help you in this situation and offer solutions that are suitable for your situation.

How to remove SIM PIN from Huawei Step by Step guide

In today’s guide, actually, how to remove Huawei SIM PIN to avoid entering two PINs to unlock when you restart the phone. Also, in case you want to keep both passwords, I will show you how to change the password on the SIM to be the same as on the mobile phone and avoid remembering two different passwords. If you are having difficulty accessing the SIM because you entered and blocked the PIN code incorrectly too much, I will explain how to intervene to fix the problem.

How to remove SIM PIN from Huawei settings

If you want to remove the SIM PIN code on a Huawei mobile, all you have to do is access the device’s home screen and click the gear symbol ( settings ).


Alternatively, swipe from top to bottom near the top edge of the screen to access the screen. Tap the little icon with Android and in notification center . You can find the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

On the screen settings Android, scroll through the different items shown to you and find Security & privacy .

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Tapping this will send you to the manage device security section. Scroll down in the menu, tap on the item more and press SIM lock settings .

This section allows you to manage SIM PIN code: ON paragraph OFF handle lock SIM and enter valid PIN code registered in SIM. Then press up fine to permanently delete the SIM PIN and voila.

If you have insufficient memory and do not need to remember the PIN code associated with the SIM, do not despair: look for the code contained in it. The contract given to you when you sign the SIM card or rate plan.

If you can’t find the PIN associated with the SIM but only have the PUK because you may have fixed it elsewhere, you can change it as I will discuss in the next section.

Changing the SIM PIN code

If you want to change the SIM PIN code , to make it the same as the one you use to unlock the screen of your Huawei mobile, you can do this in two different ways: on the settings mobile phone or by typing on the chain GSM scoreboard.

But let’s go in order.

To change the PIN code in the settings Huawei, tap on the gear symbol find on the home screen and select the item Security and privacy .

On the new screen that appears, scroll down and press the text More , to show other security settings: among those displayed on the screen, SIM lock settings .

Now click Change SIM PIN and type Current PIN to accept from SIM .

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In the new box that appears, the new PIN can be attributed to the SIM. Enter the new PIN code to accept the digit and press a second time and confirm again to accept the key .

This way, you change the SIM PIN to be personalized and perhaps easier to remember.

If you do not want to take action from your mobile phone settings, you can use the dialer to dial a number. The GSM chain issues the PIN change command to this SIM.

To do this, launch the application Phone with the icon of a phone and open the keyboard numeric , with the appropriate icon.

At this point enter the code ** 04 * Current PIN * New PIN * New PIN # ; for example your old PIN is 1234 and you want to change 4321 , dial **04*1234*4321*4321# .

As soon as you press the button #  At the end of the sequence, you will receive a message on the screen stating that the PIN has been changed. Be careful when writing it down so you don’t forget it in the future.

I remind you that the PIN code can only be changed if it has not been disabled. If you have already followed the procedures in this section and are now trying to change it, you will not be successful.

Then re-enable the PIN so you can change it by following the steps I outlined in the previous lines, with the difference you need to go. Lock ON close arm SIM .

Unlock a locked SIM

If you have entered the wrong PIN code at least three times in a row, you cannot access the SIM as it is locked.

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Your only alternative is the PUK code you can find on the phone contract or on the receipt with the SIM. If you don’t know, this code consists of eight digits and can be used to unlock a blocked SIM or change the PIN code.

In some operators, you can get the PUK code in the personal area on the official website of the telephone operator or by contacting customer service.

You can also request a SIM replacement, but it is usually a paid service, so Customer service should know the costs.

If you enter the wrong PIN code while logging in, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code. PUK code .

After performing this action, enter the new PIN code and repeat the process a second time to confirm the PIN change.

Alternatively, open the app on your phone and type ** 05 * PUK * new PIN * new PIN # .

For example, the PUK code is 00000000 and the new PIN is 1234 , dial the code **05*00000000*1234*1234# .

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