How to Unblock FB on the Latest iPhone 2022

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How to Unblock FB on iPhone – In using the Facebook social media application, sometimes there are users who may make you uncomfortable, for example, such as unknown users and sending unclear messages, or your own friends whose current friendship is not good. course, or ex-boyfriend or lover. 

How to unblock fb


If that happens, of course, the desire to block that person’s Facebook account can be your choice, so that later that person cannot contact you via the Facebook application. So you don’t have to worry anymore if you use Facebook for your activities for various purposes. 

For blocking other people’s or friends’ facebook accounts, this user can do easily and whenever the user wants. In addition, users can also freely determine when to unblock Facebook. 

And on this occasion, precisely through the article we wrote, we will share a tutorial on how to unblock fb on iPhone. Maybe for facebook android, the method is also not much different, but more specifically we want to share the tutorial on facebook iPhone. And here is the step by step that you can follow. 

How to Unblock  FB on an iPhone

  • Open the Facebook Messenger application installed on your iPhone. 
  • Furthermore, if you are logged in on Facebook and have logged in using your Facebook account, the next step is to click on the line 3 in the lower right corner or the one that says “menu”.
  • After that swipe down and select on the “settings and privacy” menu. 
  • Then select settings. 
  • After that scroll down, find and click on the “blocking” option. 
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Well, so that’s the tutorial on how to unblock fb on the latest iPhone 2022. That’s all the information we can share and good luck with this tutorial. 


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