How to win at Antiwordle | 4 Tips and Tricks

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Last updated on May 11th, 2022 at 05:25 pm

Antiwordle is strict in terms of how you must play it, but ambiguous in terms of what success entails. How to win at Antiwordle, The goal isn’t to not guess the word, but to go as long as possible without guessing it. There is no such thing as a moment when you know you’ve won; there is only a moment when you know you’ve lost. In this game, the closest thing to happiness is a loss with a large number of guesses behind you.

How to win at Antiwordle | Tips and Tricks
How to win at Antiwordle | Tips and Tricks

Because a regular Wordle game allows you to make six guesses, I consider an Antiwordle game to be successful if it takes me more than six guesses to figure out the answer. It’s still difficult; I’m not sure if I’ve ever reached double digits. I guessed it in nine this morning, which I thought was pretty good. I was enraged the entire time.


And that’s because you’re like ruin whenever you get a red letter. And you never know when that letter will arrive. You might think to yourself, “Hahaha, I’ll start with GLYPH,” and end up with three reds. Bucko, best of luck from here.

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So, here’s the closest I’ve come to devising a winning (losing) strategy: How to win at Antiwordle

  • Only guess one vowel in your starter and the first few words. There are only so many vowels and you know at least one must be in there, so don’t spend them all at once.
  • When you get a yellow, play it in the same place. You’ll know that word won’t be the solution.
  • Double up red/yellow letters if you dare. If it turns out there’s only one of that letter, the second will appear in gray but they can’t stop you from guessing it again. The initial guess is risky, though.
  • Don’t try to get smart and use all the rare letters at first. If you know the word has an E, that’s no biggie, lots of words have an E. If you know it has an X, well, your pool of possibilities just got a lot smaller.
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I am torn on whether to try to guess the actual word while I’m playing. Normally I try to keep my mind off it, lest it get stuck in my head and then I can’t think of anything else. But knowing the actual word can also be an asset, so that I can make sure not to put a T in that final position, or whatever.

And with that, I’m out of helpful ideas. Just go give it a try, and see what happens. Good luck. You won’t win.

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2 thoughts on “How to win at Antiwordle | 4 Tips and Tricks”

  1. Just pure bad luck. 4 letter expletive!
    Thought I had a great second word and it turned out to be the word of the day.
    However I believe I might just have found my starting word. At least I will never win/loose in one. Really enjoying the game and did a 9 on my second try.
    Thank you for the strategy.

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