How to withdraw from a convenience store ATM for free?

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Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:31 pm

Money is difficult, isn’t it? There may be some people who want to save more money and protect their household budget due to the corona sickness. This is a corner where all about experts can answer small money questions from everyone. This time, it is a method to withdraw money from the convenience store without any fees.

How to withdraw from a convenience store ATM for free?
How to withdraw from a convenience store ATM for free?

Q: How can I withdraw money from a convenience store for free?

“I withdraw cash 3.4 times a month at an ATM at a convenience store. There may be a fee. Is there any trick to make it free?” (39 years old, male, Tokyo)


A: Try using a bank that offers no fees at convenience store ATMs without any conditions.

In order to make withdrawals at convenience store ATMs without fees, [1] use a bank account that is free of charge at convenience store ATMs without any conditions, or open an account if not
[2] an account with conditions for free of charge. In the case of,

there is a method to satisfy the condition.

[1] There are not many banks where the convenience store ATM fee is unconditionally free. Even if it is unconditional, there is a free limit on the number of times.

The condition of [2] is that each bank has a rank set, and the number of free times is set according to the rank. The rank is generally determined by the total number of points given when clearing various items such as deposit balance of 100,000 or more, designation as a deposit account for salary or pension, and borrowing a mortgage. It is a target.

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The difficulty of clearing the conditions varies depending on the bank, but if you have multiple accounts, it will be easier to achieve the conditions if you combine them into one.

With either method, the number of free times is limited, so it is important to control the number of withdrawals so that it falls within the free number limit. Know how to make money and decide when and how much to withdraw.

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