Intel Signs Foundry Partnership with MediaTek

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Intel and MediaTek today announced a strategic partnership to manufacture chips using advanced process technology from Intel Foundry Services (IFS). With this partnership, MediaTek will build a more balanced and resilient supply chain by adding new foundry partners with outstanding manufacturing capabilities in the US and Europe.


MediaTek plans to use Intel’s process technology to manufacture chips for various smart edge devices. IFS offers a broad range of manufacturing platforms, including technologies optimized for high-performance, low-power, always-on connectivity based on a roadmap from production-proven 3D FinFET transistors to next-generation innovations.

Randihr Thakur, President of IFS, said, “As one of the leading fabless semiconductor designs that power more than 2 billion devices annually, MediaTek is a critical partner for IFS to grow to the next level. It has process technology and geographically diverse production capabilities. This will help MediaTek deliver an additional 1 billion connected devices spanning a wide range of applications.”


NS Tsai, Senior Vice President of MediaTek Platform Technology and Production Operations, said, “Media Tek has been adopting a multi-sourcing strategy for a long time. We are expanding our partnership with the manufacturing of smart edge devices through In line with Intel’s plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities, IFS will add value to MediaTek’s desire to build a more diversified supply chain. MediaTek expects to forge a long-term partnership to meet the growing demand for our products across our customers worldwide.”

IFS provides foundry services differentiated from other foundries, including advanced manufacturing processes and packaging technologies, world-class IP portfolio, and production capabilities in the US and Europe. We plan to provide better service to our customers based on new investments, etc

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