iOS 16 Beta 3 Released – What’s New on iPhone

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We could see the public beta of iOS 16 soon as Apple released a new version of the iOS 16 developer beta today (July 6). iOS 16 Developer Beta 3, available for download from Apple’s developer site, introduces some features not seen in previous instances of iPhone software.

iOS 16 Beta 3 Released – What's New on iPhone

Each developer beta brings us one step closer to the public beta of iOS 16, the next version of Apple’s iPhone software, which will be officially released next fall. At the iOS 16 preview at WWDC 2022 last month, Apple said it expects a public beta in July. And with the well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman , the weekly iOS 16 public beta release of July 11th (opens in a new tab) may finally set the stage for a software drop.

But before the public beta arrives, the latest developer beta brings some tweaks and additions to Apple’s iPhone software, including the arrival of all-new features and some features first touted in Apple’s iOS 16 preview.


Here’s what’s new in iOS 16 Developer Beta 3, based on reports from the internet:

Lock Mode in iOS 16

The most notable additions in iOS 16 Beta 3 are features that Apple has never discussed before. A new security feature, billed in lockdown mode, aims to protect iPhone users from potential targets of state-backed mercenary spyware. Obviously not a huge percentage of users, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a very new feature coming to the iPhone.

Lock Mode in iOS 16
(Image courtesy of Apple)

When Lockdown Mode is on, most message attachment types except images are blocked and link previews in messages are disabled. Just-in-time Javascript compilation is also possible when web browsing is disabled, unless you specifically exclude trusted sites from lockdown mode. Incoming invitations, such as FaceTime calls, are blocked if you haven’t previously contacted the sender of the invitation. When iPhone is locked, it cannot make a wired connection to a computer or accessory, and a configuration profile cannot be installed on the phone.

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iCloud Shared Photo Library

In the WWDC preview of iOS 16, Apple touted the addition of the iCloud Shared Photo Library, which lets you share photos with up to six other people via the cloud. Everyone with access to the shared photo library has equal rights, so anyone can upload, edit, and delete photos, and add photos directly from the Camera app. There’s also a proximity sharing feature when you’re nearby with people who have access to your shared photo library.

iCloud Shared Photo Library
(Image courtesy of Apple)

iCloud Shared Photo Library was missing from the previous iOS 16 developer beta, but it is in beta 3. You can find it in the Photos section of the Settings app, where you can turn on shared library and set it up.

AFib history in health app

Another feature Apple touted but not included in previous iOS 16 betas, AFib recording, works with the Apple Watch to track atrial fibrillation by detecting when and how long a person experiences an irregular heartbeat. This feature is now part of the Health app, but also requires the latest beta of watchOS 9 to work.

Clownfish Wallpaper for iOS 16

If you have old memories, you may remember the Clownfish Wallpaper that appeared when Steve Jobs originally demonstrated the iPhone. For the next 15 years, wallpapers have been MIA, but that’s definitely changing with iOS 16. Some say: It’s now a wallpaper option in beta 3. (Opens in a new tab) However, it is not currently visible to all users.

Add lock screen fonts for iOS 16

As you know, iOS 16 allows you to customize the appearance of the lock screen for the first time, changing the font of the time and date displayed on the iPhone. Previous iOS 16 betas had six font options. With iOS 16 Developer Beta 3, these choices increase to eight.

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Also, one of the lock screen widgets provided by Apple has changed. Calendar widget now hides details about upcoming appointments when iPhone is locked. These details are visible when you unlock your phone.

Other iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 Changes

This is not an exhaustive list of tweaks taken from iOS 16 Beta 3. A new setting in the Reminders app lets you include today’s due and overdue tasks in the number of badges displayed above the app icon. If you’re using the iPadOS 16 beta, you’ll see several changes to Stage Manager, including an updated multitasking menu and a window picker for apps with multiple windows.

How to Get iOS 16 Developer Beta 3

iPhone 8 or later is required to run iOS 16. Here’s a full list of iOS 16-enabled devices and instructions on how to download the iOS 16 developer beta. But to put it simply, you must be a registered developer with Apple to download this new version, which means you have to pay an annual fee of $99. This is one of the reasons we advise you to wait for the public beta to come out. The iOS 16 public beta has more quirks and is free for anyone to download.

However, if you already have the developer beta installed, all you have to do to get the latest version is launch the Settings app, go to General, and then to Software Update. iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 is available for download and installation.

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