Is living alone stressful? How to manage loneliness and mentality

Is living alone stressful?
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While living alone is easy, you may feel loneliness, anxiety, or stress. It is important to review “lifestyle” and “lifestyle” in order to continue living alone for a long time while maintaining a mental balance. I will explain how to manage mentally well in living alone.

5 factors that make you feel stressed such as inconvenience and anxiety when living alone

Living alone is very easy! On the other hand, there are many points that can be stressful.

Is living alone stressful?
Is living alone stressful?

Living alone has the advantage of being able to lead a free life of your own without worrying about anyone. On the other hand, they are easily exposed to various stresses such as the inconvenience of life and the loneliness and anxiety of being alone. In addition, freedom can easily disturb your lifestyle, which can result in an imbalance in your physical and mental health.


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First of all, I have listed five factors of stress that are easy to feel when living alone. Let’s look back on your life and check if there are any points that apply to you.

  • Tension and tension tend to diminish throughout life
  • There is no one who can talk realistically and easily, so it is easy to think about things alone
  • I have to manage my life by myself, and I feel it is difficult
  • I’m worried that no one can rely on me when I’m sick or injured.
  • It is easy to feel anxiety about crime prevention in the event of a disaster caused by living alone.
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Does the comfort that should be stress-free affect the mind and body?

Also, if you live alone, no matter what you eat, even if you stay up late, no one will interfere with you and you will not be warned. That is a good thing about living alone, but if this lifestyle continues, the following problems are likely to occur without your knowledge.

  • It is difficult to wake up in the morning and get motivated during the day.
  • It is difficult to keep appetite and stamina.・ It is easy to feel

tired and drowsy after eating . If your habits and rhythm of life are disturbed, cleaning and tidying up can be a hassle, and the room can become cluttered. By linking the disorder of life and the disorder of the environment in this way, the number of days when one feels “somehow unwell” or “somehow depressed” increases, and many people are in agony alone.

Mental management method for living alone 1: Reviewing lifestyle habits

Then, what kind of things should we keep in mind to reduce the loneliness, anxiety, and stress of living alone? First of all, I will explain the points of improving lifestyle.

Living alone is difficult for self-catering
Living alone is difficult for self-catering. However, if you eat easily, it will easily affect your physical condition.

1) Keeping the rhythm of life and getting up early to bed

The first thing to keep in mind is to restore the rhythm of sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at a certain time. The human body is designed to wake up at dawn and become sleepy at dawn. If you live a life that matches your original internal rhythm, it will be easier for you to improve your physical condition. On holidays, try to keep the same rhythm as on weekdays.

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2) You can cook rice in a bowl or a pot, so cook one meal a day. If the

nutritional balance is imbalanced, not only will you be more susceptible to infectious diseases such as colds, but you will also be more likely to feel lethargic and tired. Incorporate nutritious ingredients and try to cook one meal a day as much as possible. Donburi and hot pot dishes that can be made in a frying pan or hot pot are also sufficient. A set of ingredients for one person is sold at the supermarket, so you can make a nutritionally balanced self-catering menu just by putting it in a pot and seasoning it quickly.

3) Go out once on holidays and give proper tension to your life.

On holidays, you stay in your room all day and stay in your pajamas. If you’re tired, that’s fine. If not, change your clothes and go out once a day. You can just go out for a bit, such as browsing at a bookstore or drinking coffee at a café. Change clothes and go outside, touch the outside air. This effort gives a moderate tension to living alone, who tends to be relaxed.

Mental management method for living alone 2: Review of lifestyle

Then, from what point should we review our daily lives? We recommend the following three basic points.

health management for living
The key points of health management for living alone are sleep, diet, and life rhythm. Don’t try too hard, let’s prepare from what we can do

1) Take in sunlight and replace the air. When you are exposed to
natural light, your body will wake up comfortably and it will be easier to get rid of your depressed mood. Place a bed or sofa near the window and benefit from natural light. Also, if you don’t have many chances to open the doors and windows, the air in the room will stagnate and you will feel sick. Let’s refresh the mood by replacing the air even for a short time.

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2) Creating a cozy space
Unless you like cleaning and tidying up, it’s hard to keep a room where you live alone. However, when I am conscious of “the eyes of others”, I think “I have to do something about it”. Invite people from time to time to maintain a cozy space. It is very important to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in case of emergency.

3) Finding life support resources in your neighborhood When you
are involved in a disaster or accident, you can immediately rely on the local people. Let’s start by “finding a store” that suits you. Cafes, beauty salons, various classrooms … Information on the area is gathered in these places. If you can interact with the people who go there, you will be able to increase your life support resources.

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――As mentioned above, living alone is not only easy, but also stressful. However, reviewing your lifestyle and lifestyle can alleviate that stress. By all means, please start from what you can tackle.

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