Is sweets OK for breakfast? Why eating in the morning is important

Is sweets OK for breakfast? Why eating in the morning is important
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Last updated on December 19th, 2022 at 05:27 pm

It seems that many people are too busy to prepare breakfast in the morning. However, the breakfast effect is great for improving work efficiency in the morning! So is it better to eat sweets and junk food? While explaining the actual situation, I will introduce the tips for making breakfast habits that you can reasonably do.

Is sweets OK for breakfast? Why eating in the morning is important
Is sweets OK for breakfast? Why eating in the morning is important

The reasons for “without breakfast” and “the habit of not eating breakfast” are different for each person.

Do you eat breakfast well? Everybody wants to sleep for as long as one second on a sleepy morning. Even if it is said that eating breakfast will improve work efficiency, many people say, “I have no appetite from the morning” and “I don’t have time to eat …”.


In addition, there are many opinions that “I do not want to eat because I feel sick in the morning”, and for office workers who continue to work overtime, I feel that the dumplings and ramen I ate after overtime are left in my stomach and I have no appetite. and…….

However, you should still eat breakfast. It is a well-known fact that eating breakfast “improves academic performance” and “improves work efficiency“. If your work is efficient, you may be able to reduce overtime. It’s nice to have shorter overtime, right? “.

Which is healthier, “sweets instead of breakfast” or “without breakfast”

Some people who don’t have time to eat breakfast may say, “I don’t have time to eat rice, but I can eat sweets.” However, sweets are more of a mental nutrition than a physical nutrition. It is not suitable for breakfast that you want to nourish your body. The same goes for junk food. After all, diet is the best nutrition for the body.

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So what if you oversleep and don’t have time to eat? Should I have something in my stomach because it’s okay to eat sweets rather than eating nothing? Or is it better not to eat anything than to eat sweets? Think about breakfast when you don’t have time.

Whether it is good or not depends on the contents of the sweets. If you think that nutritional balance is considered as “sweets” such as “dietary supplements (for example,” Calorie Mate “,” SOYJOY “, etc.)”, it is better to eat. However, simply eating so-called ordinary sweets such as chocolates, candies, cookies, and potato chips cannot serve as breakfast. Besides, it seems that many people eat sweet buns instead of breakfast, but this is also not very valuable.

In an emergency when you really don’t have time or you don’t have a store on a business trip, it’s better to eat something with a little nutritional balance, like the morning limited set at a fast food restaurant, than not to eat it. increase. On the other hand, dietary supplements and fast food restaurant menus are recommended for people who don’t usually eat breakfast. However, as a registered dietitian, I would like you to keep in mind that you should not make them a complete habit, but gradually devise ways to have an “ideal breakfast.”

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Three points to make breakfast a habit

Even if you have a day to skip breakfast, it’s basically ideal to eat nutritious breakfast every day. Let’s start by looking for where the crevice time is on a busy morning.

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The easy-to-eat breakfast menu should change at each timing. Let’s take three common patterns as an example.

1. If you can take

5 minutes before leaving home If it is 5 minutes before leaving home, it is easiest to heat the prepared food in the microwave. Let’s look back on the preparation process before going to work.

For example, let’s say you are preparing for the morning in the order of “getting out of the futon”, “changing clothes”, “dressing up (makeup)”, “confirming what you have left behind”, and “departing”. Now, let’s put “eat breakfast” in the middle of this.

“Get out of the futon,” “put food in the microwave,” “change clothes,” “eat breakfast,” “make up (make up),” “check for things left behind,” “departure,” etc., in the kitchen while heating the microwave. Change the procedure so that you don’t waste your waiting time. Try to avoid loss time as much as possible. If you forget to put it in the microwave, it’s OK to use dietary supplements. You don’t have to worry about that.

2. If you can take about 30 minutes after arriving at the nearest station of the company, you

can eat early in the morning on the way to work, such as a fast food shop, a bakery with an eat-in, or a 24-hour soba shop. Let’s find out if there is a store.

Since I go to the school every day at the same time, I may notice that I have the same kind of face every day and make breakfast friends. I’m grateful to my colleagues other than work because I don’t have to worry about it.

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3. If you can eat it after arriving at work or school When you eat

breakfast in-house, it is best to eat it without worrying about the eyes of your colleagues. For example, rice balls, skewers of meat and vegetables, bananas, etc. can be easily eaten with one hand, and the desk of the company can be eaten without being too dirty. In this case, if you put only bananas in the bag at night and quickly procure rice balls and skewers of meat and vegetables at a convenience store on the way, you will not spend much time for breakfast.

Even if you know that “eating breakfast” is good for your health, you may lose sleep. If possible, I would like you to sit in a chair and eat breakfast slowly, but in today’s busy world, few people can eat breakfast slowly. For that purpose, it is effective to devise from the way of spending the night before. Staying healthy is exactly “how to use it for 24 hours”. Make good use of your time, eat breakfast and spend the day cheerfully and comfortably.

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