Krafton invests KRW 2 billion in new game company Nirvana

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Nirvana, a company headed by Song Geun-wook, a former producer of ‘Eternal Return’, recently received an investment of 2 billion won from Krafton (CEO Kim Chang-han). With this investment, Krafton secured a 16.67% stake in Nirvana. Currently, Nirvana is working on prototype development, which is an early stage of game development.

Krafton invests KRW 2 billion in new game company Nirvana

According to the registration and national pension data, Nirvana was established in March of this year. Currently, there are about 30 employees. 3N graduates such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Netmarble and veteran developers such as Nimble Neuron’s ‘Eternal Return’ are the main pillars.

CEO Song Geun-wook was in charge of ‘Lego Quest & Collector’ and ‘Jin Three Kingdoms Warriors 8 Mobile’ at Nexon. After that, he moved to Nimble Neuron, where he served as the ‘Eternal Return’ PD.

Nirvanana logo

The game that Nirvana pursues is ‘a work that can give infinite pleasure to users all over the world’. The company logo also uses laughter using bananas and INFINITE (infinite, ∞). The name of the company is derived from ‘Nirvana’ because the founding members liked the Buddhist term ‘Nirvana’.

A Nirvana official said, “We decided to develop a title that can be challenged globally with Krafton.”

A Krafton official said, “We decided to invest in anticipation of synergy between our global business and operational capabilities and the creative and development potential of the Nirvana team.”

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