Lost Ark, ‘Meteorologist’ officially appeared

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MMORPG (multi-player online role-playing game) Lost Ark, officially updated the new class ‘Meteorologist’ and upgraded super-fast growth support event ‘Hyper Express Plus’ and ‘2022 SUMMER Maharaca’ Festival’, it was announced on the 6th (Wednesday) that it started a large-scale summer update full of abundant benefits and things to enjoy.

First, the second class ‘Meteorologist’ of the specialist occupation group has been officially updated. Meteorologists resonate with nature and use various weather phenomena such as sunlight, wind, and rain with their skills.

In particular, whenever you hit an enemy with a skill, you get a ‘Raindrop Gauge’ and when the gauge is full, you can use ‘Fox Rain’, the identity skill unique to meteorologists. If you use Fox Rain, your basic attack and movement skills will change for a certain period of time, and while continuously damaging nearby enemies, you can lead the battle to an advantage by reducing the damage you and your party members receive.


From July 6th (Wednesday) to September 28th (Wednesday), the ‘Hyper Express Plus’ and ‘Jumping Ticket’ events, which are upgraded to a higher-speed growth support event, will be held. Adventurers can use the jumping ticket to immediately grow their character to item level 1,340 and enjoy adventures from ‘South of Bern’. In ‘Hyper Express Plus’, the growth support level has been expanded to item level 1,460, allowing you to quickly reach the continent of ‘Elgasia’. After selecting the desired character, adventurers can perform various event missions according to the level section and receive abundant rewards for super-fast growth.

The rewards attract attention as they consist not only of refining materials for growth, but also benefits that greatly help the overall gameplay, such as ‘engravings’, various ‘jewels’, and battle item boxes. In particular, in the section from item level 1,415 to 1,460, the refining cost discount and refining support effect that increases the refining success probability are applied, enabling faster growth. Lastly, the ‘Story Express Plus’ event for adventurers who want to grow while watching the story of Lost Ark is also prepared with enhanced rewards including support for fostering up to item level 1,340.

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Meanwhile, from July 6th (Wednesday) to September 28th (Wednesday), a special summer festival ‘2022 SUMMER Maharaka Festival’ will be held on the island of ‘Maharaka Paradise’ in the game. Adventurers transform into cute ‘Mokokong’ and engage in obstacle racing with ‘Run, Run! You can enjoy fun mini-games such as ‘Mococoz’ and ‘Dookie Douki Pampang’, which soothes ‘Dookie’ from the heat with water balloons. You can exchange ‘Raka Fruit’ for various rewards.

The reward consists of various refining materials, card packs, and Peon, including the limited pet ‘Midsummer Cony’ box and the installation ‘Mococo Fountain’, which can only be obtained through this festival.

In addition, various events where you can acquire various in-game items such as ‘Rowen Avatar’ and ‘Legendary Card Pack’, which will be introduced for the first time through this summer update, and new summer avatars will also be held. During the summer update period starting on July 6 (Wednesday), ▲ ‘Special Maharaka Attendance Event’ where you can acquire Rowen Avatar, ▲ Log in to the game for a certain amount of time every day to tour each continent and acquire Maharaka Points. The ‘Amalon Star Tour’, ▲ ‘Moco Kong Summer Special Training’ event, where you can train Moko Kong through daily game access and clear missions, and obtain Maharaka Points and various items, will be held.

In particular, in the ‘Moko Kong Summer Special Training’ event, various refining materials, legendary card packs, and battle item boxes are provided as bonus rewards. Meanwhile, the ‘Maharaka Points’ accumulated through the event can be used through the ‘Maharaka Point Shop’, which will be open until September 28 (Wednesday), through various new summer avatars and games such as ‘Beatrice’s Blessing’ and ‘Ninab’s Blessing’. It can be exchanged for various items useful for play.

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Smilegate RPG is also conducting the ‘Maharaka Tree of Happiness’, a social contribution campaign that delivers warmth to those in need in various parts of society through the participation of adventurers this summer. When adventurers participate in a summer event and use ‘Maharaka Leaf’ and ‘Maharaka Point’, the ‘Maharaka Tree of Happiness’ will produce fruit.

Aiming for a total of 20 fruits, when all fruits are opened, donations will be made in the name of future adventurers and lost arcs. Smilegate RPG also conducted the campaign in the summer of 2021, and the method of naturally participating in donations through game play was well-received by adventurers and achieved its goal early.

Lost Ark, starting with today’s update and event, will introduce various things to enjoy during this summer update period, such as ▲new corps commander raid ‘Disease corps commander Iliakan’, ▲new guardian ‘Sonabell’, ▲new island ‘Mokokong Island’, etc. A summer collaboration with ‘World’ is also planned.

Smilegate RPG CEO Jiwon Ji-gil said, “For the full-fledged summer season, we hope that adventurers will have a cool summer through the summer updates and events prepared by Lost Ark. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy, so I hope adventurers can enjoy it to their heart’s content.”

For more information about Lost Ark, please visit the Lost Ark official website.

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