Man’s cheesecake: New York cheesecake recipe

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm

Introducing how to make delicious New York cheesecake for men and recipes. You don’t have to worry about the details, just “mix and bake” to make it delicious. Such NY cheesecake is perfect for your first dessert!

Man’s New York Cheesecake Recipe

Man's New York Cheesecake Recipe
Man’s cheesecake! New York cheesecake recipe

I don’t think about sweets and desserts in “man’s cooking”, but I usually make quite a lot of desserts.


That said, I’m just making a standard menu (at home) for my family to eat, so it’s not like “trying various desserts!”

Recently, I often make chiffon cakes and creme brulee.
The amount of ingredients and how to make them are not severe, but basically they are as simple as “mix and bake.”

After all, it’s not suitable for those who spend a lot of time on holidays, because they make it in the morning or in the evening when they have a little free time.

I realized that this kind of simple dessert recipe is quite suitable for a “male cook” who doesn’t usually make sweets for the first time.

It doesn’t pay much attention to the details, it doesn’t take much time, it’s hard to make mistakes, and everyone’s reputation is quite good. If it’s such a way to make dessert, it’s perfect for people who want to make sweets once in a while.

This time I would like to introduce “New York Cheesecake”.
It’s a simple dessert that I recommend recently at home.

Ingredients for man’s cheesecake (18 cm cake mold)

  • Graham cracker 100g (basic type is recommended)
  • Unsalted butter 50g ・ Cream cheese 250g
  • Sour cream 180ml (2 pieces of well-sold 90ml, 200ml if 200ml) You can use all of them)
  • Fresh cream 200cc (1 pack. If the fat content is 40% or more, the finish will be crispy. About 35% is enough)
  • 3 eggs (L)
  • 90g sugar (sweetness is sugar ) If you like sweetness, you can adjust it up to about 120g)
  • 2 tablespoons of corn starch
  • Lemon juice 1 lemon
  • Vanilla oil

Tools needed for New York cheesecake

For this cheesecake, a cake mold with a diameter of 18 cm is required. It’s the most standard size for a cake pan, so if you don’t have one, you can buy a new one without any loss.

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Be sure to prepare a cake type that the bottom plate can be removed. When you finally remove the cake from the mold, it will never come off cleanly unless the bottom plate comes off.

All you need is a large ball and a whisk. A strainer is required, but an ordinary gold colander can be used instead.

How to make Man’s cheesecake recipe

1. Put the graham crackers in a sturdy plastic bag such as Minigrip and beat them with a pestle to crush them into small pieces. If you want to use a food processor, just break it up, put it in the food processor, and turn it until it’s fine.

2. Put 50g of unsalted butter in a heat-resistant container and pour it in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes while watching the situation.
Add the melted butter to the finely crushed crackers and mix well until the whole is moist.
In the case of a food processor, you can add the melted butter directly to the processor and apply it directly to the crackers and food processor.

3. Spread the cookie dough flat on the bottom of the cake mold and smooth it.
It’s a little difficult to flatten even the stains on the mold, but it’s easy to use a wine glass with a flat bottom. Somehow it looks like road construction, and it’s fun to clean it up.
This completes the preparation of cookie dough. Leave it so that it does not get jammed.

4. Wrap the cream cheese from the refrigerator in a wrap and put it in the microwave (weak) for 2 to 3 minutes to soften it. As a guide, the whole thing gets warm and the cheese is easily dented with your fingers. The output differs depending on the microwave oven, so it’s a good idea to check it first.
If the heating is not enough here, the cheese will be hard and it will be difficult to “mix” after that.

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5. Pour the softened cream cheese into a large bowl, add 90g of sugar, and mix with a whisk to make the whole smooth.

From here on, the order in which the ingredients are added is not really that important. However, if you do not add the “hardened” ones in order and mix them until they become smooth each time, even if they seem to be mixed at the end, the dough will often have uneven shades.
In order to make the dough smooth without getting too tired, I think you should refer to the order of this recipe.

6. Add sour cream in 4 or 5 portions. Add once, mixing to make it smooth.
The dough is quite hard around here, and it’s hard to mix. In that sense, it may be a recipe for strong men
Well, let’s get the oven ready early here. For the oven, set the top plate on the bottom and preheat it to 180 degrees Celsius. If you need to specify the time, it will take 30 minutes. Boil water in the kettle again. When it boils, keep it from cooling over low heat.

7. Add a few drops of vanilla oil (too much vanilla flavor will be too strong and not good), squeeze a lemon and strained lemon juice.

8. Add eggs one by one and mix to make them smooth each time.

From this point, the whole becomes liquid and can be mixed without much effort. However, it is advisable to mix it smoothly so that it does not become “foamed”.

9. Add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix, then add 200cc of fresh cream and mix well.

10. When the whole is smooth, put it in a cake pan with cookie dough while straining the dough with a strainer or a gold colander. After putting it in, shake it lightly to remove air bubbles.

11. Put the dough in an oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius, and quickly put the boiled water on the top plate. The amount of hot water that accumulates on the entire top plate. If it is too much, it will spill and be dangerous.

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When first baked at 180 degrees C for 30 minutes, the surface of the dough turns brown.
After that, lower the temperature to 160 degrees Celsius and bake for another 30 minutes, then slowly cook to the inside.

It will be baked for a total of 1 hour.

In the case of a cake mold with the bottom plate coming off, hot water may soak into the inside, so be sure to wrap the lower half of the cake mold with aluminum foil so that the hot water does not come into direct contact with the mold.

By adding hot water and baking, the dough will not be drained and the dough will not shrink so much even after baking, and it will be baked moist. This is called a “New York” type cheesecake.
If you bake at the same temperature for the same amount of time without adding hot water, you will get a normal baked type cheesecake. After baking, this is a solid cheesecake with a large dent in the center and no moisture.

12. After baking, take it out of the oven to remove the rough heat, put it in a cake mold, wrap it in plastic wrap, and cool it in the refrigerator.

Cold cheesecake is difficult to remove from the mold as it is. It is easy to remove the fukin by squeezing it hot and applying it to the side of the mold to warm it.
When cutting the knife, warm the knife with hot water and wipe the knife each time to cut it cleanly.

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Man’s cheesecake summary

The well-made New York cheesecake looks like snow with a white cut, and the contrast between the brown surface and the cookie dough is very beautiful.

New York Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake

This cheesecake uses plenty of sour cream and eggs to give it a rich finish, but the sweetness is modest, so I think it will be delicious for both men and women.

As for “man’s cooking”, if you try to serve sweet desserts once in a while, the stock from the women may rise…

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