Mass Shooting at Texas elementary school | 38 times this year in US schools alone

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19 children and 2 teachers were killed and bullied. High school students from low-income families who suffered from bullying Buy guns and magazines on their 18th birthday, break into the school at lunchtime, and indiscriminately massacre new gun purchases after Corona. Biden appeals to Congress for gun control.

Shooting At Texas elementary school
Citizens cry in remembrance of the victims in Uvaldie, Texas, where 19 children and 21 teachers and other children were killed in an elementary school shooting by an 18-year-old high school student on the 24th (local time). In a televised speech, President Biden said, “The hearts of parents who will never see their child running out of bed and holding in their arms again must be torn to shreds.”

On the 24th (local time) at an elementary school in Texas, the United States, an 18-year-old high school student ‘don’t ask’ was shot, killing 21 people, including 19 children. It is the largest mass shooting in the United States this year and is expected to be the worst school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School disaster in Connecticut, which claimed 26 lives. More than 10 people have been taken to hospitals with fatal injuries, and the number of victims is expected to rise.

Shooting At Texas elementary school
Rob Elementary School in Uvaldy, Texas, where a massacre that took the lives of 21 innocent people, including 19 children, took place. 
On the night of the 24th (local time), the investigative authorities closed the school and are investigating the inside. 

The Mass Shooting at Texas elementary school took place around 11:30 am on the same day at Rob Elementary School in Uvaldi, a small town in southern Texas (population of about 15,000). With a total of 600 students , this school is exclusively for grades 2-4 (7-10 years old) . It was said that at the time of the incident, it was lunch time and the school vacation ceremony was approaching the next day, so it was an exciting and noisy atmosphere. The gunman , wearing a bulletproof vest and driving a pickup truck, entered the school building and toured several classrooms, then opened fire with a pistol and rifle indiscriminately in one of the fourth-grade classrooms, police said.

Shooting At Texas elementary school
On the evening of the 24th, when the massacre at Rob Elementary School in Uvaldi, Texas, took place, at a nearby community center, families and residents were briefed on the damage situation and were crying as they checked the lives of their children. 

Surprised children ran through the window and hid, but were shot down one after another. Two teachers who tried to stop the shooter to protect the students were also killed. At the scene, 14 children were reported to have died, and 13 were fatally wounded and taken to the emergency room. Schools and hospitals were filled with parents, families, and neighbors crying as they waited for the results of the genetic checkup until late at night to confirm the child’s death. UvalD authorities have closed all schools in the district from today. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it was “a terrible tragedy beyond words.”

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The shooter was identified as 18-year-old Salverdore Ramos, a student at Uvaldi High School near Rob Elementary School. Ramos was shot and killed while confronting police and FBI rioters . He first shot his grandmother this morning and headed to Rob Elementary School. His grandmother is said to be in critical condition.

Shooting at Texas elementary school
Salverdore Ramos, 18, was accused of the mass shooting at Rob Elementary School in Texas. On the right is a photo of two guns presumed to have been posted before the crime. It is said that he also sent this photo to his school friends and the like four days ago. Ramos was killed by the police that day. /Instagram

According to the Washington Post, Ramos was from a poor family and suffered severe bullying and bullying as a child due to a speech disorder. A friend of his said, “(Ramos) has been violent around him in recent years, and he even cut himself in the face with a knife for fun.” Ramos is a sophomore in high school, but it is known that he hasn’t been out of school for a long time and hasn’t met graduation requirements.

Earlier this month, he said he bought an AR-15 rifle and large-capacity magazine to celebrate his 18th birthday, which is the minimum age to buy a gun under Texas law . A few days before his crime, he posted photos of his gun and magazine on Instagram, and even sent the photos to his friend. “I will tell you a secret. I’m going to do something.” The exact cause of Ramos’ shooting is still unknown.

The mother of Xavier Lopez, 10, who died that day, shed tears in an interview with the local media saying, “I attended the child’s honors award ceremony just a few hours ago.” Some families were unable to check whether their children were alive or dead all night, so they rolled their feet. Others were waiting with blankets and dolls in their arms, saying, “I will cover the children when they come out.” “I can’t find her 10-year-old daughter anywhere, so I’m on my way to the funeral,” said Brandon Elrod, crying.

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All federal agencies in Washington, D.C., including the White House, hoisted flags on the same day. Just ten days ago, on the 14th, in Buffalo, New York, an 18-year-old white supremacist opened fire in a supermarket in a black neighborhood, mourning the 10 victims who were killed. So far this year, there have been 212 shootings in the United States, killing or injuring at least four people, according to the Gun Violence Prevention Organization. Of these, 38 large and small shootings occurred in elementary, middle, and high schools.

President Joe Biden received a briefing
U.S. President Joe Biden (front, 79) speaks at the White House in Washington, DC, on the 24th (local time), while his wife Jill Biden watches over the massacre at a Texas elementary school.  “This happens very rarely in the world outside the United States. Do you know why?” he said. “We have to ask ourselves when the hell we’re going to fight the gun lobby. It’s time to put this pain into action.” President Biden met the family of the victims of the massacre in Buffalo, New York two days before his trip to Korea and Japan. 

President Joe Biden received a briefing on the incident shortly after returning home from a trip to Korea and Japan and gave a public television speech. “It must have been torn to shreds for parents who will never see their child running out of bed and holding in their arms again,” said Biden, who was accompanied by Jill Biden, dressed in black mourning. “An 18-year-old shouldn’t be allowed to walk into a gun store and just buy a gun,” he said. I hope,” he said.

A flag commemorating the victims of a mass shooting
A flag commemorating the victims of a mass shooting in Texas is hoisted at the White House in Washington, DC on the 24th (local time). 
An even bigger tragedy occurred before flags were hoisted in memory of the 10 victims who died in the Buffalo Supermarket shooting in New York ten days ago. 

“Congressional action,” as Biden said, refers to the handling of gun control laws. The Biden administration and Democrats have defined gun violence as a “epidemic that threatens public health” and have tightened identification at purchase, bans the sale of large-capacity magazines, and regulates ghost guns that are purchased and assembled by hand or 3D printed. Reinforcement of responsibility for firearm manufacturers is being promoted. However, gun control is repeating itself at a standstill due to opposition from gun-interest groups and Republicans who view gun ownership as a constitutional right.

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On the contrary, the number of new gun purchases has tripled in the past two years due to public insecurity due to the corona pandemic, extreme political landscape, and sharp increase in crime, as well as protests against gun regulations. The New York Times reported that the number of gun manufacturers surged from 2,222 in 2000 to 16,936 in 2020, despite criticism of the various massacres, and that there are currently more than 400 million guns released in the United States, which has a population of 330 million. Pope Francis said, “I pray for the children and adults who were sacrificed and their families.” Leaders from all over the world also issued statements of condolences.

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