Minecraft 1.20 Update: What do we expect from Minecraft 1.20?

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:04 pm

As we already remembered Saturday, October 15, Minecraft Live 2022 will be held and, without a doubt, the leading role will fall on Minecraft 1.20 . We expect, of course, other announcements, especially more information about Minecraft Legends, and also, hopefully, about those new developments based on the Minecraft universe that will arrive in the future, although we do not know names, dates or anything, absolutely nothing about them. We expect a complete and fun event, as they always are, but with the focus on the next big update, on Minecraft 1.20.

Officially nothing is known yet , absolutely nothing about this future update. Like every year, except for an unexpected surprise, Mojang will dedicate its annual online event in October, which replaces MineCon from 2020, to anticipate the future version, so for now we can only rely on assumptions, perhaps some hint given by Mojang and outstanding debts. However, with only those elements, we already have a base to try to anticipate Saturday’s announcement and, that is, to try to find out what new features Minecraft 1.20 will offer us.


In principle, there are three ways in which Minecraft can evolve in this new version , but it is important to clarify that they are not exclusive. The key as to whether Mojang will follow one, two or all three paths is mainly determined by the workload involved in each of them, compared to what the development team is capable of assuming under normal conditions. And it may seem like proselytizing, but I never tire of reminding you that the studio, led by Agnes Larsson, puts the well-being and health of its workers before the fulfillment of certain objectives, as it already demonstrated at the time with the launch of Minecraft 1.17 .

With that said, let’s see why three ways Minecraft 1.20 could evolve.

With that said, let's see why three ways Minecraft 1.20 could evolve.

Outstanding debts

Caves & Cliffs Update was originally going to be Minecraft 1.17, but it ended up being 1.18 as well, and extending to Minecraft 1.19, with the long-awaited debut of the Warden. And the truth is that there is still something pending from what was promised for 1.17: archeology . Postponed sine die , and despite the fact that at first it mainly generated confusion, the truth is that well developed it can provide even more emotion when exploring the subsoil. There is, however, no sign that points to his presence in Minecraft 1.20, but it still makes sense to continue waiting for him to arrive.

There are several biome-related news that we can expect to be announced in this update:

  • Desert : meerkats, palm trees and oases, in addition to a renovation in cacti, are the main novelties that would be added to this biome.
  • Savannah : It would also arrive with a new type of wood, decaying plants and, perhaps, some additional mob as well.
  • Badlands : they could have rolling plants, also add the new cacti and as a star mob the vulture, which would reproduce the allay mechanics… but keeping everything it catches.
  • Birch Forest – Probably one of the most boring biomes out there right now, the community has been clamoring for it to be updated for quite some time now. And, according to some rumours, his time might finally have come.

They are also pending, since they came out at the last minute of Minecraft 1.19: the backpacks . It seems that the only problem had to do with its operation on touch screen devices, so it is to be expected that, with more than enough time to solve it, they will debut in Minecraft 1.20.

Minecraft 1.20: the update to write

Minecraft 1.12 does not have a name, which does not necessarily mean that it will not have one in the future, and at the moment its list of new features is quite short, which does not mean that it cannot grow substantially in the future. Obviously the development team has a roadmap, which they will work on in the coming months, and whose objective will be to fill this update with content , but Mojang will only reveal the future news of Minecraft 1.20 when they are practically finished and, therefore, Therefore, they will reach the final version with total security.

The reception has been in general, as I said before, quite negative , just look for Minecraft on Twitter, and the social network will return a whole cascade of criticism to Mojang, the team of developers, Agnes Larsson, Microsoft… the community , which is not that she had too many expectations regarding the announcement of Minecraft 1.20, she is still very disappointed, with many people anticipating that the final version will be… well, disappointing.

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We can say that from those powders these sludges, because in the end in said disappointment those previously accumulated by incomplete updates have an important specific weight , which translates into a fairly low level of confidence in the study. And yet, the proposal put forward by the study seems daring, but very sensible. It shows, as Larsson said, learning by experience, and does not close the door to Minecraft 1.20 ending up, finally, being much more than it seems at the moment.

One of the commitments made by the company is that, as I said before, news will only be announced when it is highly polished , which means that its announcement and its debut in a snapshot will take place practically in parallel. This, in addition, will make their publication grow in interest. And it is that, until now, we waited for them to see if they were receiving the announced news, but now they can bring surprises, and that makes these versions more interesting, because they will be the ones that will truly reveal to us, over the months, the minecraft full dimension 1.20.

Of course, now Mojang has to be able to respond to this disappointment on the part of an important segment of its community , and it must do so by building a new version that, although now, with what was announced yesterday, is somewhat rickety, it must end up becoming in a truly exciting update for the community. We know, from their history, that they can do it, there are a thousand possibilities for it on the table, and they will surely reconcile with a large part of the community if Minecraft 1.20 is finally up to the task.

The good news for the studio is that they’ve taken the pressure off of having promised a particular update in one fell swoop . Instead, they will be able to work on changes and improvements, but they cannot rest on their laurels.

Minecraft 1.20: The End Update

Minecraft 1.20: The End Update

Personally, garments don’t bother me, it’s admitting that it’s my favorite option and, furthermore, I think it’s the most likely . The Overworld (including its subsoil) has undergone constant improvements, and many still remember the sensational taste left by Minecraft 1.16, the great Nether update , to which new biomes, mobs , structures were added… In short, an update that completely reinvented this dimension, but of course, at the same time, it made the eyes rest on the End, to the point that many expected him to be the protagonist of Minecraft 1.17, although in the end it was not.

Now, with Caves & Cliffs almost complete, and the Overworld news coming in the form of The Wild Update , Mojang could focus on updating the dimension that has been without updates and improvements for the longest time. Biomes, mobs, structures… the room for growth in this dimension is exceptional, it is also something that many users have been calling for for quite some time and, frankly, it is the part of the game that most needs this change.

Against it, of course, which is the dimension least visited by players , especially by the most “casual”. The challenge of facing the dragon is (or at least it was, until the arrival of the Warden) perhaps the most complex in the game. Thus, if Mojang intends to satisfy as many users as possible, it may decide to keep this update parked for a while longer. Personally though, I don’t think so, I think Minecraft 1.20 will finally completely redesign this dimension .

New combat system

Jeb (Jens Bergensten), one of the most recognizable and beloved members of the Minecraft development team, has been working on redesigning the combat system for some time now . Not much is known, but changes are expected both in the use of weapons and tools and in hand combat. PvP (player vs player) is tremendously popular on many servers, but despite this, its last major update dates back to 2016, with Minecraft 1.9.

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We can’t expect, at least in principle, that combat will be the main protagonist of this update (because it was in Minecraft 1.9), but we can expect that it will be an important part of an update, be it thematic or not . The question now, of course, is whether we will see it in Minecraft 1.20 or whether we will have to wait for a future update.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20

But hey, that much of what the final version of Minecraft 1.20 will offer us is still unknown, it does not mean that Mojang has left us two candles, because some interesting news has been advanced . Obviously they are not enough to justify a new version, but as I indicated before, all these changes are practically ready to debut, so we will see them in a matter of weeks in the snapshots. And, from there, of course, we will try to keep you informed about the news. Think, yes, that the final version will arrive at the gates of summer (from the northern hemisphere, winter if you read us from the south), sometime between mid-late May and June.

But hey, let’s see what’s new in Minecraft 1.20 that we already know.


The least surprising of the novelties is one of the mobs that will debut in it, and as we told you a few days ago, this year we have also had a vote in which the community has chosen which of the three candidates will become a creature. . The Tuff Golem, the Rascal and the Sniffer faced each other, and it was the latter that completely swept the votes . Recall its original description:

This ancient creature was once part of the upper world ecosystem, now you can bring the sniffer back if you find its egg! Hatch new creatures, breed them and find out how to make the sniffer thrive again. There are seeds out there that only a sniffer can find!

The most interesting thing is that, from his hand, new seeds could arrive that, in turn, would give rise to new crops , something sensational for those who enjoy the farming simulator facet of the Mojang game. Its presence in Minecraft 1.20 is totally certain, although we do not know how long it will take to debut in the snapshots, since it is the only element of this update that did not depend entirely on the developers, but also on the Minecraft Live survey.



Without a doubt, of everything announced for this update, the camels are the element that has most excited the part of the community that has not been plunged into disappointment. In my case, as a person who still maintains a certain illusion (without great expectations, yes), it is undoubtedly the announcement that I liked the most, and that is that we are talking about a mob with which we can interact, and that comes with new mechanics that make it more interesting.

The most visually striking thing is that it has its own animation to sit down, but beyond that, and as I said before, it promises to have its own mechanics, different from those of horses, we can also use camels with a mount and , this can give a lot of play, it is the only mob that allows two passengers to be carried , one as a “driver” and the other as a passenger. As expected, it will only appear in the desert biome, giving it a little more grace and freshness, and pointing out that perhaps we can expect more news in it… which, effectively, brings us back to Minecraft 1.20, finally, it could bring updates and improvements to various biomes.



No, I have not been confused, bamboo is not a novelty in Minecraft , it has been present in the game for quite some time and, for example, some of us have been using it for a long time to build scaffolding, very useful for facing high-rise constructions. Not to mention the breeding of pandas or their use as fuel. However, despite this, there is something that is striking, and that is that over the years, it has never been considered wood and, therefore, the same uses as the rest of these.

This is going to change in Minecraft 1.20, because in this update it already gains this status and, consequently, we will be able to obtain wooden blocks that, in turn, will allow us to craft stairs, doors, fences, pressure plates and other wooden items, with its own color and texture. In addition, we will also find some specific building blocks of bamboo.

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In addition, from the hand of bamboo comes a new means of transport, the raft, which shares all the properties with the boat, but with a different design, which provides an interesting novelty in terms of the visual aspect of the game.

As you may already know, bamboo is the fastest growing plant, so now, with the new properties it’s going to receive in Minecraft 1.20, it will probably increase jungle hunting in the first few steps of each new map.

hanging signs

Hanging signs

Signage is a very important element in server maps , but so far the only recent development regarding signs, apart from the new types of wood that also allow them to be created, has been the use of glowing squid ink to make them . bright. However, we will also have news in this regard in Minecraft 1.20.

On the one hand, of course, we can also create posters with bamboo , this was already imaginable, but we will also have a new type of poster, hanging, which will also serve to provide more functions to the chains. We will be able to craft them with three different designs and, yes, they do have a peculiarity, and that is that to build them you will have to use wood without bark, which gives them a different appearance than the traditional ones. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can also use squid ink to make them visible in the dark.



Another item of limited utility for quite some time, it is going to undergo an interesting update . And it is that to the traditional bookcases, the new chiseled bookcases are added, which will be usable as such. Indeed, once built they will be empty and we can use them to store our books, whatever they are (spells, blank, written by us, etc.). Each bookcase will have space for six books.

In this way, we will finally have a specific space to store these items in an orderly manner , although we will have to check if these new libraries will also add “power” if we place them around a spell table. But, whether it is so or not, it certainly aims to give a lot of play on servers, especially those in which it is role-played .

Steve and Alex are no longer alone

Steve and Alex are no longer alone

For many years, the two avatars of Minecraft have been Steve and Alex . This is not, strictly speaking, a limitation, since the player’s properties are always the same, regardless of their skin, and Minecraft has also allowed player customization for a long time. However, it is true that in this sense, for users who do not want to leave the options of the game itself, without resorting to skins generated by third parties (although it is very easy to do so, soon we will explain how to change yours if you do not know how to do it) , an extension in this sense does not hurt.

In addition, and in line with the current times, it makes sense that not only the variety be expanded in number, but also in diversity. Thus, Alex and Steve will be joined by seven other new companions: Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny and Zuri . And yes, we live in times in which inclusivity is controversial in many cases, but personally, I think that on this occasion it makes perfect sense, that it does not have a negative impact on any aspect, and that if someone thinks it is bad… well, I think that will be defined perfectly.

And this is, for now, what we can expect from Minecraft 1.20. It is little, that is indisputable, but since it is only the beginning, it does not seem like a bad beginning. The key, the real key, is how it will evolve over the next few months. And I would like to think that, with this new philosophy, Mojang will be able to provide us with a satisfactory update. What do you think? Do you think Minecraft 1.20 will ultimately be a hit or miss?

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