Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 in Bedrock Edition (Guide)

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Last updated on October 19th, 2022 at 07:11 pm

The Minecraft mob vote will soon begin, and players will be able to vote for their favorite new mobs to be added to the game. Mojang has already revealed all three mobs in separate videos, each with a brief description of their role in the game. Voting will begin today at 12:00 p.m. EDT and will end 24 hours later, just in time for the live event tomorrow.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 in Bedrock Edition

Mojang has stepped up this year, moving the voting platform from their Twitter handle to their website, launcher, and Bedrock Edition client. To vote, you must first log in with your Microsoft account. Though the voting systems on the website and in the launcher are quite basic, the Bedrock Edition will include a special voting method for the new mobs.


Using the Bedrock Edition to participate in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Mojang is expanding the scope of its live event this year. On Bedrock Edition, a special server will be available for players from all over the world to join. Fans can communicate with one another and vote for their favorite mob.

This server was previously tested during one of the Minecraft Now livestreams. It’s an ingenious way to play the game and vote for a new mob.

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The map will be carnival-themed, and there will be plenty of decorations related to new features and mobs. It will also include a number of mini-games and areas to explore.

Of course, no details about the map’s appearance have been revealed. Millions of people will be pleasantly surprised when the voting window opens in a few hours.

How to enter Bedrock Edition carnival map for Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Minecraft Mob Vote

If you update your Minecraft Bedrock Edition game, you will be able to see a special ‘Mob Vote’ button on the main menu. A tiny Agnes will be present next to the button, informing you about how long you will have to wait before you can access the map.

Minecraft Mob Vote

When this button is pressed, it will open a page with details about the mob vote. There will be a ‘Read More…’ button that will take you to the game’s official website for more details about the mob vote event.

Apart from this, a ‘Play and Vote’ button will also be present, but it currently redirects players to the YouTube video linked at the top of this article.

Mojang mentioned that the carnival map would have loads of mini-games, along with the main mob voting area where you can press the lever in front of your favorite mob to cast your vote.

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