Moses J. Moseley’s cause of death revealed

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The cause of death of actor Moses J. Moseley has been determined. It was confirmed by the Henry County Coroner’s Office in Georgia that Mosesely died of a gunshot wound to the head, one of the recurring zombie characters on “The Walking Dead.”

Moses J. Moseley's cause of death revealed
Moses J. Moseley’s cause of death revealed

However, the manner of Moseley’s death is “undetermined,” which means it is unclear whether he committed suicide or died in a car accident. “No one who knew or met him believes it was self harm,” a representative for the actor said in a statement on Tuesday.

The loss of Moses is deeply felt by all of us. We are still reeling from the loss,” his representative added.


Moseley’s family received a letter from President Joe Biden offering condolences.

“We send our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved Moses. I know there are few words I can share that will ease the pain of losing a loved one. During this time, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,” Biden writes in a letter dated March 8.”

“While the grieving process never really ends, I promise you the day will come when remembering Moses will bring a smile to your lips rather than tears to your eyes. I pray that this day comes sooner rather than later.”

The actor was found dead in Stockbridge, Georgia, on Jan. 26 at the age of 31. Teera Kimbro, his sister, told TMZ that people close to him believe he was kidnapped and then killed.

Moseley was cast as one of Michonne’s pet zombies in “The Walking Dead” from 2012-2015.

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Moseley – who was born in Aiken, South Carolina – has also been seen in “Joyful Noise,” “The Internship,” “Queen of the South,” “Attack Of The Southern Fried Zombies,” and HBO’s “Watchmen,” among others.

Moseley’s death was announced by AMC on Twitter, in a statement that read: “Our thoughts and prayers are with our #TWDFamily member Moses J. Moseley.” The statement includes a close-up photo of Moseley with a blue sky and clouds above.  

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