MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ 360Hz The ultimate refresh rate laptop

MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ
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The potential of the human eye is unpredictable. What is the potential of your eyes? The eye is not evolving, and it may sound like a grand story. Let’s take an example. According to the renowned British scientific journal Nature, a paper has been published that humans can perfectly perceive screen flickers 500 times per second. It is said that the average time to detect a minute change in my light is 0.2 seconds.

human eye is unpredictable

It’s not about ‘sight’ when we say “I have good eyes” or ‘smartness’ when we see something once or twice, but it is not about body acuity or the ability of the eyeball to recognize the screen one by one per minute. this will be However, it is ambiguous to define “what is the FPS of the eye” because there are clearly individual differences and environmental variables in case-by-case, person-by-person. Nevertheless, it is very likely that the above example is a highly trained person, such as 500 recognitions per second, 0.2 seconds. It is not at a level that ordinary people cannot follow. This is especially true if our eyes have been trained by games.

Many gamers say that the monitor’s 60Hz and 144Hz refresh rates are not difficult to discern. But 180Hz, 200Hz, 240Hz.. I thought it would be difficult to go higher because the feeling was less as the number went up, but this expectation was always wrong. A 360Hz monitor was released last year and a laptop last year. MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZIt is also a gaming laptop equipped with this latest technology. Since it’s a 360Hz refresh rate that even any computer can’t handle, it’s probably the basics for high refresh rate output.

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MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ

MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ is equipped with Intel i7-12700H and RTX 3070 Ti, so 60Hz and 144Hz for most games are basically secured based on FHD resolution. . In addition, it is equipped with an IPS panel, so there is no color distortion in wide viewing angles, up, down, left, and right, and it is advantageous for playing game genres with frequent screen switching with a response speed of 2.3ms. That’s pretty much the performance of a desktop computer.

And this product has a lot of technologies grafted onto MSI’s gaming laptops, and the Cooler Boost 5 cooling solution with 2 fans and 6 copper heatpipes cools the CPU and GPU quickly, and the new heatpipes have a wider inner tube. It widened, raising the airflow by about 15% or more.

The exterior contains plenty of elements that stimulate the emotion of gamers, which are hard to find in a typical laptop. The yellow dots all over the place with aluminum material seem to say, “I’m a gaming laptop.” In addition to this color design, 5mm ultra-thin bezels are applied, allowing you to focus more on the game screen. Please refer to the detailed specifications below.

MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ: Product Specifications and Appearance

MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ

MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ
CPU: Intel 12th Generation Core i7-12700H Processor
Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB / 140W TGP
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (8GB *2) / up to 64GB recognized
Dimensions and weight: 398x273x27.2mm (about 2.8kg)
Storage: 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD*2
Display: 17.3-inch / FHD / IPS / 360Hz
Network: Gigabit wired LAN terminal / 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
Others: Webcam (HD) / SD card terminal / wide viewing angle / anti-glare function
Product price: Approx. 2,399,000 won (as of 22.05.24)

Product Specifications and Appearance

■ Performance 

The program used for the MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ gaming laptop performance test is 3DMark, which is commonly used for benchmarking, and DX11-based FireStrike Normal and DX12 Timespy were driven. The figures to check the performance and temperature of the built-in graphics card and CPU in real time were measured with MSI Afterburner. The office temperature where the test was conducted is 23 degrees.

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For the gameplay test, two games were run. Frame and temperature were measured through Blizzard’s Overwatch and PUBG’s Battlegrounds. The in-game option is 1920*1080 FHD resolution, and the highest specification or the highest ultra specification was set to give the maximum load to the graphics card.


■ finish

So far, we have looked at the MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ. This product is equipped with Intel i7-12700H and RTX 3070 Ti, and an IPS panel is applied to show a consistent screen without color distortion in wide viewing angles. In addition, you can enjoy seamless gaming with a response speed of 2.3ms.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of MSI is the sword/red combination, but the MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ has a uniquely sword/sword combination that comes with a fairly fresh design. I personally liked the yellow-green-black gradient. The fact that the WASD key on the keypad is also highlighted in yellow completes the stylish look.

I can conclude this review with just one word. “Soft” Recently, while using a 144Hz monitor as a mainstay, 360Hz, which is more than twice that high, is definitely softer. Many gamers say that higher than 144Hz is meaningless, but the difference is clear. If you are looking for a laptop with extreme softness and stylish design, the MSI Crosshair 17 B12UGSZ is an excellent choice.

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