‘MSI MAG Codex X5’ 12th Generation Intel Gaming PC

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MSI Korea (CEO Gongbeon-seo) is launching a new gaming PC ‘MSI MAG Codex X5’.

MSI MAG Codex X5
MSI MAG Codex X5

MSI MAG Codex X5 is MSI’s representative middle tower gaming PC. ‘MSI MAG Codex X5‘ is a combination of Intel’s latest 12th generation Core i7-12700K processor and Intel Z690 motherboard. to provide.

In particular, the newly added DDR5 with a very fast operating clock provides a wide bandwidth and smooth game play, supporting smoother data transfer processing and multitasking than the previous generation. In addition, the generous internal space design with enlarged case and inlet effectively dissipates system heat to maintain a stable gaming environment, while high-speed transmission, low latency, and stable network maintenance are all possible through Wi-Fi 6E wireless internet.


In addition, it is an advantage that convenience is greatly improved by considering the user as the top priority. Consumers can create a gaming environment according to their personality through two side panels with tempered glass and RGB LEDs based on MSI Mystic Light on the front, while portable devices such as smartphones through the USB Type-C port on the front of the case can be conveniently connected.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the release of ‘MSI MAG Codex X5’ equipped with Intel’s 12th generation core processor, MSI announced that it would be holding a 32GB DDR5 memory upgrade event free of charge, and asked for a lot of interest and participation.

Additional information about MSI Gaming PC can be found on the MSI website, MSI official Facebook page, and MSI official Instagram.

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