‘My Little Chef’ Grampus attracts 10 billion won in capital and investment

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Global multi-platform game company, Grampus (CEO Ji-in Kim), raised a total of 10 billion won in capital and Series B investment through accelerators such as GXC and Kaura and leading investment companies today (30th). proceeded successfully.


Grampus, which is developing and servicing ‘My Little Chef’ in the domestic market and ‘Cooking Adventure’ in the global market, has invested a total of 10 billion won in Series B characteristics following the 2.5 billion won bridge investment of One Store and Com2us last year. Combined, the total amount of accumulated investment and capital attraction was more than 20 billion won.

In this round of Series B, GXC, which operates the G.Round game platform and GTR (Global Top Round) game accelerator, and Kaura, a K-content blockchain investment company, invested together. carried out In particular, it is known that blockchain-based Web3 (Web3, decentralized web) companies participated as strategic investors (SI) of Grampus in this investment.


Including the bridge round held at the end of last year, Grampus’ accumulated investment totaled more than 20 billion won. In the meantime, Grampus started with Medici Investment’s pre-series A investment in 2015, followed by Series A investments such as Smilegate Investment and Daekyo Investment in 2018. was childish

Through the 10 billion won investment and capital raised during this series B round, Grampus is expected to accelerate the metaverse business based on advertising and commerce, such as developing new titles. Currently, Grampus is developing a casual simulation game based on BTS intellectual property rights in cooperation with Hive and others.

In addition, by developing affiliate marketing with various F&B brands that have been established in the domestic market, we are developing an advertisement and commerce-based mobile metaverse service jointly developed with the corresponding Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) advertisers.

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This is a separate mobile-based meta service that is being developed to expand the experience of the brand in the virtual environment of the mobile environment, and to naturally lead to stable purchases in the commerce base, along with the curation of target recommended products and artificial intelligence engine. Grampus plans to schedule and sequentially release the ‘advertising and commerce-based mobile meta-platform’ service, including the release of a new game currently under development. to be.

Jaeho Kang, CEO of Kaura, who took the lead in this investment, said, “Gampus has been steadily focusing on one genre since its establishment in 2014, and has grown significantly in the global casual simulation game market.” “‘Casual User Target’ Based on the ‘fandom meta commerce content’ that has been in various partnerships with the company, it will show high customer loyalty in the game and metaverse markets and achieve remarkable results in the global market.”

Kim Ji-in, CEO of Grampus, said, “We are a game and media-based development startup that was established in Seoul in 2014 and has built its own domain with experts who have made long experiences and outstanding results for 9 years.” “As we have secured a bridgehead for growth as a media platform with this investment and capital attraction, we will work more actively to create a large casual fandom in the global market based on the development of new products and new services to be released later,” he said.

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