Nexon’s new ‘Prasia Electric’ in-game teaser released

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A trailer showing the in-game appearance of 프라시아 전기 ‘Prasia Electric‘, which had a popular theme of siege warfare, has been released.

Prasia Electric

On the 27th, Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) confirmed the official name of the new MMORPG ‘Project ER’ under development as ‘WARS OF PRASIA’ and released a teaser video.

The newly confirmed game name ‘Prasia Electric’ contains the meaning of the war history and record of humans who fight endlessly to escape the oppression of the elves in the last country occupied by the elves, ‘Prasia Kingdom’.


‘Prasia Electric’, which was first unveiled as ‘Project ER’ last year, is a new IP-based large-scale MMORPG developed by Nexon. By significantly lowering the barrier to entry in the siege, which was reserved for top players, anyone can occupy a base.

‘Prasia Electric’ takes as its core content a large-scale battle that takes place at numerous bases in a one-channel seamless world. Players can experience real-time warfare with a high degree of freedom while owning, operating, and directly building a base.

Prasia Electric

On the same day, Nexon opened the official YouTube channel for ‘Prasia Electric’ and released a teaser video of the siege on a huge scale. In the video produced with an actual game engine, you can get a glimpse of the battle scenes taking place simultaneously in the continuous field.

Vice President Kim Dae-hwon of Nexon’s new development said, “Since the beginning of production, we have been developing with the clear goal of making Siege, the core content of MMO, more fun and enjoyable for more users. We will do our best to come up with a game that meets expectations by paying special attention not only to the art but also to the completeness of the story.”

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Meanwhile, at the 2022 Nexon Developers Conference (NDC) to be held in June, the ‘Prasia Electric’ developers will be on the stage to give a lecture and share the know-how experienced in the process of making games. The development episode of ‘Prasia Biography’ with various themes such as the core content planning process of war MMORPG and character production episodes will be released through this NDC.

More information about ‘Prasia Electric’ can be found on the official YouTube and KakaoTalk Plus Friend channels.

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