Neymar is out of the game with a foot injury

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Brazil national football team ‘superstar’ Neymar (30, Paris Saint-Germain) suffered a right foot injury on the 1st, one day before the friendly match against Korea. It is expected that his participation will be decided on the day of the match, which has become unclear.

Neymar complained of pain in his right foot during public training at the Seoul World Cup Stadium around 5 pm that day. In the course of a mini-game, he knocked out a defender and collided with an opponent, then grabbed his instep and sat down. After coming out of the touchline and receiving first aid, Neymar covered his face in pain.

Neymar left the training ground, still lame, and did not return to the training that followed. A medical team from Brazil’s national team explained at a press conference, “It is undecided whether Neymar will play in the Korean match.

The Brazilian national football team riding the
The Brazilian national football team riding the ‘T-Express’ ride at Everland in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. /YouTube YTN ‘Wash’ channel

He added, “Nymar had injured the same area before, so he treated it right away.” In fact, Neymar suffered a right metatarsal injury in a row in 2018 and 2019 and was unable to play for a while. At the time, Neymar once said, “The most desirable birthday gift I would like to receive is a new metatarsal bone.”

After news of the injury, Neymar posted a picture of her right foot through an Instagram story. The toe part is noticeably swollen. He posted a playful questionnaire to worried fans, “Are you pretty?” and added a smiling and tearful emoticon.

Neymar is out of the game with a foot injury
Neymar injured his right foot during a mini-game on the 1st before the Korean War. The photo on the right was posted on the same day. /Instagram

Previously, Neymar and the Brazilian national football team gathered attention with their tour schedules to visit Namsan area in Seoul, Gangnam club, and Everland in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. Online, there were eyewitness accounts of citizens who encountered world-class players. A video of the players having fun riding the roller coaster and rushing into the club entrance was also released.

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The match between the Korean national football team and the Brazil national team, led by coach Paulo Bento, will be held on the 2nd and 8th in the afternoon. In this match, the Premier League (EPL) top scorer Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) is expected to face off against Neymar, who boasts the world’s highest ransom. The two seemed to be reuniting for the first time in nine years after an evaluation match in 2013, but Neymar’s injury made it unclear.

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