Niantic, Pokemon GO ‘Walking Incense’ Update

Pokemon GO
Share this: (Niantic) announced on the 26th that it has added a new item ‘Walking Incense’ to the real world game “Pokémon GO”. ‘Walking Incense’ provides the effect of many wild Pokémon appearing around the trainer for 15 minutes, allowing trainers to explore their surroundings in new and exciting ways.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

In particular, Pokémon that are not often seen in the wild appear when used, and if the total of Monster Balls, Super Balls, Hyper Balls, etc. possessed by the trainer is less than 30, an additional 30 Monster Balls will be provided.

In order to use the ‘Walking Incense Road’, you must complete the relevant special research that tells you how to use it, and XP is provided as a reward.


In addition, a function has been added that displays all Pokémon caught and the distance traveled while using ‘Campus Walk’ in one place, and you can easily share and brag the screen on social media (SNS).

Niantic will proceed with related updates sequentially from next month, and one ‘walking incense burner’ is provided every day, and only one can be possessed at a time.

More details about “Pokémon GO” can be found on the official blog.

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