Objective Moon: where to see in real time the route of the Artemis 1 mission?

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The American space agency reports that the Artemis 1 mission can be followed in real time, thanks to a visualization tool which indicates its position between the Earth and the Moon.

 The departure of Artemis I to the Moon is, once again, postponed . A fuel leak at the Space Launch System rocket forced NASA to make this decision. The SLS launcher does not take off on September 3.

Original article: Barring a twist, Artémis 1 is due to take off on September 3 . This is the first step in NASA’s plan to return humanity to the Moon in the 2020s, fifty years after Apollo. The new program, dubbed Artemis , includes several phases, including the establishment of an orbital station around the Moon and a base on the surface.


Artemis 1 is an unmanned mission , which serves as a general rehearsal before Artemis 2, expected for 2024 and which will welcome aboard the Orion capsule. It also makes it possible to finally put to the test the new rocket of the American space agency, the Space Launch System (SLS). It will be his baptism of fire and it is to be hoped that everything will go well for the pitcher.

Follow the odyssey of the Artemis 1 mission in space

The take-off of the SLS and Artémis 1 can be followed live. But that’s not all: you also have the opportunity to see the space journey of the mission to the vicinity of the Moon . Indeed, NASA provides an interactive site – NASA/JPL Eyes – which shows almost everything that happens in the Solar System. Above all, the site shows the space missions in progress.

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Objective Moon: where to see in real time the route of the Artemis 1 mission?
 Space Launch System (SLS) launch vehicle at dusk. // Source: 
NASA/Ben Smegelsky

In other words, you have the opportunity to watch in real time the course of the Artemis 1 mission (and see, perhaps, its amazing trajectory towards the Moon ). NASA said on September 2 that it had updated its visualization tool to include the trajectory of Artemis 1. This will materialize in a way all the steps that are expected with this mission .

NASA’s visualization tool is interactive: you just need to move the map of the Solar System with the mouse and the directional keys on the keyboard to zoom in or out and orient your view. To make your life easier, we offer three accesses to JPL Eyes centered on the Earth , on the surroundings of the blue planet and on the Moon .

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