One of Spotify’s most iconic features will become paid

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Spotify has announced that the “Play” and shuffle buttons will be exclusive to premium subscribers.

Spotify has a plan with which to try to attract a greater number of people to its Premium plan , which consists of gradually removing functions from the free version of the application , or adding more attractive functions to the “Premium” plan that will not be available in the “Premium” plan. free version.

As announced by the company today , an important change will soon be made to the premium version of Spotify, which will make the “Play” and random buttons exclusive to this version.

One of Spotify's most iconic features will become paid
One of Spotify’s most iconic features will become paid

Spotify Premium will have the “Play” and shuffle buttons exclusively

Until now, Spotify included a “hybrid” play and shuffle button, which allowed you to start playing a playlist or album randomly by default. In case of wanting to follow the order indicated in said list , it was necessary to access the player window, and deactivate the random mode.

That is going to change very soon. As the company has confirmed, from now on, the shuffle and “Play” buttons will be separate in Spotify Premium. Both will be available at the top of albums and playlists, so the user can choose how they want to play their music.

Nothing is going to change in the free version of Spotify, where users can only play their music randomly, with no ability to individually choose songs to play.

The change will begin to arrive over the next few weeks to all Spotify users for iOS and Android. Desktop users are not affected as Spotify already offers the two play buttons separate from each other.

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