How to Pay Motorbike taxes at Alfamart

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Paying motorbike taxes at Alfamart is actually an easy thing. You just need to prepare a few documents and visit one of the outlets. Then, what is the payment method?

How to Pay Motorbike taxes at Alfamart

For those of you who want to pay the annual motorbike tax at Alfamart, here are the steps to pay. What is clear, prepare the necessary documents and pay attention to the instructions requested.

Method of Paying Motorcycle Tax at Alfamart

As mentioned above, paying motorbike taxes at Alfamart is quite easy and practical. It doesn’t take a lot of documents to verify information. You can also save your gas money if Samsat is far from your domicile.


Then, what is the method of paying motorcycle tax at Alfamart? Here are the steps you need to know.

  1. Prepare Documents and Fees

Before visiting an Alfamart outlet to make a motorcycle tax payment, you need to prepare the necessary documents. These documents include KTP, STNK, contact numbers, and e-mail addresses.

You must check the amount of vehicle tax that you must pay so that you can prepare the money from home. It’s also a good idea to bring surplus money just in case.

  1. Visit Alfamart . Outlets

When you come to an Alfamart outlet, you can tell the cashier if you want to pay vehicle tax. Later, you will be directed how to pay motorbike tax at Alfamart .

  1. Submit Documents to Cashier

The thing that must be done if you have paid the vehicle tax is that the cashier will check your STNK and ID card. You will be asked for a contact number and email address for payment information purposes.

  1. Payment Process
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The cashier will verify the information and tell you the amount of payment that must be paid. You have the right to make corrections if the nominal that comes out is considered abnormal.

  1. Pay Motorcycle Tax

After the cashier tells the amount you must pay, you can pay the tax in cash or via e-payment. You can use the Dana, OVO, or Gopay applications to make transactions.

  1. Payment Receipt Submission

After the payment ends, you will be given a payment receipt. You must place the receipt correctly in the important document storage area.

This is because later the receipt will be used for further transactions. Namely, to validate the STNK at the Samsat Office and to obtain the SKKP.

Alfamart Plus Points

Alfamart is an industry founded by PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (AMRT). This business unit operates in the minimarket sector by distributing retail products to residents. Alfamart is a minimarket with the widest network with outlets throughout Indonesia.

Not only distributing retail products, Alfamart also appears as a place to pay bills. Starting from electricity, water, vehicle installments, transportation tickets, subscription television and much more.

Not only that, Alfamart currently provides Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) payment services. With the services provided by Alfamart, it can make it easier for residents to pay taxes.

There are many benefits that you can get when you pay vehicle tax at Alfamart. For example, payments that can be tried at night or on holidays. Payments can also be made from anywhere.

You can also pay a CLA fine. So it’s a plus point if this outlet is close to home, considering that Alfamart outlets are now scattered everywhere.

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Limitations of Paying Motorcycle Taxes at Alfamart

Unfortunately, payment of vehicle taxes at Alfamart can only be tried for annual tax payments. Alfamart does not accept 5-year tax payments, vehicle transfers, and vehicle transfers.

This limitation is because these three things require you to come to the Samsat Office directly because you need to check the condition of the vehicle. However, even so, the presence of a motorcycle tax payment facility at Alfamart is certainly an innovative service advancement.

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