Pet Bird Encyclopedia-Golden Parakeet


Golden Parakeet.

Scientific name: Aratinga guarouba
English name: Golden Conure, Queen of Bavaria Conure
Cloth: Brazil
Classification: Parrot family Aratinga genus
Size: 35-40 cm
Life: 20 years on average

“Golden parakeet”, which is also the national bird of Brazil, is a bird protected as a highly endangered species under Annex I of the Washington Convention. I think it’s a very beautiful bird with a yellow body and deep green wings.

I’m sure many of you have seen it in the commercials for cameras, but it’s rarely distributed as a pet, so you’ll rarely see it at a pet store. However, it is possible to keep it as a pet (because it is a CITES I bird, various procedures are required to keep it).

Golden Parakeet
Golden Parakeet
Golden Parakeet pet birds
Golden parakeet by animalarter1 on DeviantArt

Like a Conure companion, he has a playful and cheerful personality. The child in the photo also showed a lot of cute gestures such as spoiling and turning over to the administrator (the child in the photo is a child sold at a pet shop, so “administrator” I decided to do it).

It is said that the number of golden parakeets has decreased to the extent that protection is required due to reasons such as the decrease in habitat due to development and the capture for distribution as pet birds. It seems that there are also protection groups in foreign countries that are working to protect the wild golden parakeet.

I want the birds that entertain us to know that the number of birds has been reduced by our hands, and not only to keep them cute but also to protect their habitat. think.