Pet Master Free Spins Links [ Daily Update] 2022

Pet Master Free Spins Links
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Get more room to raid for coins with Daily Pet Master free spins links.

Pet Master Free Spins Links

Looking for today’s Pet Master free spins links? They’re here, and they’re hot. New links drop multiple times a day, every day, and with older links expiring after around 72 hours, you’ll want to check back often to get the most free spins and coins you can.

By checking back multiple times a day, you can get the absolute most out of Pet Master. You’ll get gold to build your village, spins to raid other players’ goodies, and sometimes even trigger time-limited events that can get you even more in-game currency.


If you want to build your day around even more freebies, our Coin Master free spins links can double the fun. And if you’re trying to entertain kids at the same time, our pages on the latest Shindo Life, Slayers Unleashed codes, and Pet Simulator X codes can get the youngsters a bunch of in-game Roblox freebies as well. Now, let’s jump into the latest Pet Master free spins links.

Today’s Pet master free Spins Links

June 11, 2022

June 10, 2022

How Do I Redeem Pet Master Free Spins Links?

Because of how the free spins in Pet Master work, it can be hard to get them to work at all.

If you haven’t done what you need to do, most links will take you to a whole different page. This doesn’t work that way. What they should do is open Pet Master, where you’ll see a message telling you that you’ve received the rewards that the link promised.

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To do this, make sure you click the links above on the device where Pet Master is installed. You can’t use these to play the game on a laptop or computer, so you can’t redeem them there.

As long as your phone or tablet’s browser can open apps from a link, clicking a Pet Master free spins link should open the game and let you know that you’ve claimed today’s Pet Master free spins links.

How Do I Get More Pet Master Free Spins?

There are loads of ways to get Pet Master free spins without opening your wallet or waiting for new codes to show up. Here’s how:

Grab Free Spin Gifts

While it won’t net you nearly as many spins as the method above, you can get one free spin per friend each day up to a maximum of 100 spins per day. If you’re popular enough to have that many buddies playing the game each day, you can ask them to gift you a free spin and vice-versa.

As spins are the only thing anyone really wants in Pet Master, you can join message boards and chat channels to add a bunch of like-minded individuals to your friend list for this very purpose.

Invite Friends

Pet Master thrives on having more and more people download and play the game. Because of that, you can get great rewards for pitching into the recruitment drive. By tapping the ‘Invite Friends’ button in-game, you can send a unique link to your friends through text or apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

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If they click that link and download and play the game, you’ll net yourself 500,000 Coins and 50 Pet Master free spins. By inviting someone through Facebook, you’ll gain another 30.

Complete Card Sets

Once unlocked a few villages in, card sets can be a great way to get a few hundred free Pet Master spins for just playing the game.

It won’t happen too often, but by getting lucky with chests in raids or as event rewards, you’ll slowly complete card sets, earning yourself loads of spins. New card sets are unlocked every couple of village levels, and with guilds and groups out there dedicated to swapping duplicates, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete each one.

Just Wait

Though you’re probably here to avoid doing that, waiting really is one of the best ways to get more Pet Master free spins without spending money.

Spins regenerate at a rate of around five per hour. After using them up, you’ll get them all back in just ten short hours. The money you’ll save can get you a nice coffee or a sandwich.

Time your Pet Master spins around your bedtime and you should be able to use 50 free spins in the morning, the evening, then and a few more before you settle into bed for the night.

And that’s it for Pet Master links for now. If you’re up for similar social games, it’s word-based puzzle games for you. Our Antiwordle word game page can help you figure out today’s Answer, and the Phoodle clue or Phoodle answer pages can help movie fans figure out today’s Phoodle word.

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