Raft: How to get vines

Raft: How to get vines
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Vine Goo is an important item in Raft and is needed to craft a few items that will further advance the game, and here’s how players craft it.

Raft How to get vines

An adventure, exploration and survival game set in a hypothesized future where the world of a raft is covered in water. The main goal is to survive, collect resources and build a raft that the player can survive. Whether alone or with friends, players must not only defeat a ruthless shark, but uncover secrets along the way.

Resources glides across the water as the player glides across the water, but some are hard to come by and some are very important to stock up on. One of these resources is Vine Goo, which you will need to create a few important items throughout the game. This guide explains the purpose of Vine Goo as well as how to collect and craft it, so players can get their hands on a sizable amount.


How to get vines in Raft

To craft a Vine Goo, a Raft , the player must first obtain a Forge, which requires 4 Planks, 6 Dry Bricks, 4 Scrap and 6 Nails. The trickiest part of making a Smelter is probably the Dry Bricks because it takes a long time to process. Players need 2 sand and 2 clay to make one wet brick. When done, place the bricks on the raft and let them sit for about 5 minutes until completely dry.

After the player builds the smelter, they need to find seaweed to put in the smelter and bring enough planks to keep the smelter burning. Seaweed is usually found in the water, a tall kelp plant near the island. Materials can also be found in chests near some islands or, if you’re lucky, in loot chests.

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After gathering seaweed, the player must put it in the forge and after about 45 seconds, get a Vine Goo. Also, killing Anglerfish can drop 0-2 Vine Goo if the player is near Varuna Point.

Uses of vines

Once a player has a Vine Goo, the first thing they need to prepare is to use what is on the research table. If the player has recyclables, they can also get Trash Cubes by putting Vine Goo in them. This is what Trading Post needs as a currency.

But for those who want to get all the recipes from Goo, these are all the items and players need to make it.


This is very important when the player expects to explore a large island or something along the way.

Players can fill this bottle with water to stay hydrated while traveling. Requires 6 plastics and 4 vines. It can hold up to 5 waters, an amazing upgrade to an empty cup.

cooking pot

Another great item you should have as soon as possible is the Cooking Pot, which is used to cook dishes. Pots have predetermined recipes and players receive bonuses when they consume them.

The recipe has 4 foods with different levels of food, from early game vegetables to mid game ingredients. This item requires 6 Planks, 6 Plastics, 2 Metal Bars, 4 Vines, and 1 Bolt. This is an item that can be of considerable benefit.


Like cooking pots, juicers are used to make drinks. There are predetermined recipes, and players receive a bonus when they consume them.

It is also an expensive item that requires advanced resources. By combining 6 boards, 6 plastics, 1 bolt, 4 vine pits and 1 circuit board, players can create delicious juices.

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sweep net

This net is needed by those who want to catch a swarm of bees that have a durability of 25 uses. Thankfully, Swarms are only depleted when captured, not the swings themselves.

Requires 15 planks, 6 ropes, 2 tendrils, and 1 bolt.

basic bow

This bow is a great tool for those who want a ranged weapon to defend against attacks. You can shoot various arrows such as stone (10 damage), metal (15 damage), titanium (20 damage), etc.

Arrows can be picked up again if the player kills or misses the enemy, but not when shooting underwater. The bow requires 6 planks, 4 ropes, 2 vine pits and 1 bolt.

oxygen bottle

Deep sea divers will love this item. It’s already stressful to have to dive deep where sharks lurk, and the oxygen stress added with this item can now be forgotten.

This item extends the amount of time a player can live underwater by slowing the release of oxygen. With 8 plastics, 4 ropes, 1 empty bottle and 5 vines, players can dive as many as they want.


Another useful item that players can use while exploring underwater. Flippers are a great asset for those looking for extra speed underwater while harvesting resources or simply escaping from enemies.

The flippers are durable, adding up to 10 minutes of swimming time. Players need 6 plastics, 6 seaweed, 5 vine pits and 4 ropes.

circuit board

This is for later game resources, but circuit boards come in handy quite often, so players should make sure they’re stocking up for future items. Boards are needed to build electronic devices such as engines, antennas, wind turbines, etc.

Players need to stock up early as they are required for multiple items. All you need is 5 plastic, 2 copper ingots, and 1 clump of vines.

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Raft Now Available on PC

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