Raid: Shadow Legends promo codes for September 2022

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:03 pm

List of current codes for Raid Shadow Legends for shards, heroes, free silver and premium.

Raid: Shadow Legends promo codes for September 2022

Raid: Shadow Legends  is a shareware strategy game with a gacha system, where the key way to get characters is knocking out of loot boxes. For this reason, using promo codes for Raid: Shadow Legends is an effective method of promotion in the game. From massive XP boosts to free Silver and champions , they can provide a variety of in-game benefits.


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The article presents all working promo codes for Raid: Shadow Legends for September 2022.

Bookmark this page so you don’t miss updates and be among the first to receive rewards.


List of current codes in Raid: Shadow Legends, which allow you to get resources, premium, as well as experience, silver and much more:

  • 13YEARSPLARIUM – 3 multi-battle sets of 50 attempts, x30 experience potions, 3 days of premium, x100 energy.
  • GDPCRAID22 – Rare champion Abbess, 300,000 silver, x3 upgrade food.
  • MYDELIANA – 50 experience potions, 365k silver (new accounts only).
  • PCRAID2022 – x500 energy, 3 days of premium, clan boss key, arena tokens (only for new accounts).
  • YTPCOFER22 – energy replenishment x2, premium for one day, skill book, upgrade food, multi-battle set for 50 attempts (only for new accounts).
  • 3YEARSRAID – 250,000 silver, x250 energy, x1 legendary tome, x20 potions, 2 multi-battle sets of 50 attempts (only for new accounts).

It should be borne in mind that activation occurs no more than once every 24 hours . Therefore, it will not be possible to receive all the awards at once.


The game is almost completely tied to pumping and knocking out new characters. Although there are not so many free ways to get them. The solution to this problem are promotional codes for shards and heroes in Raid: Shadow Legends.

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The codeHero and more resourcesStatus
POWERSTARTEREpic champion Thallia, multi-battle set x3, energy replenishment x3.Working (only for new accounts)
LUCKYRAIDEpic champion Chonoru, 300.000 silver, upgrade food x3.Working (only for new accounts)
MIDGAME2022Rare champion Executioner, 1-day experience booster, energy replenishment, 100,000 silver.Working (only for new accounts)
SUMMERTIMEEpic champion Devotee, multi-battle set for 20 attempts, energy replenishment.Working (only for new accounts)

Bonuses are valid for a limited period of time, so it’s better to hurry up and activate them while they work.


If you are at a loss where to enter promotional codes, follow these steps:

  • Open the game menu.
  • Select the side tab on the left to access additional settings.
  • Click on ” Promo Codes “.
  • In the window that appears in the empty text field, you must specify the valid code and confirm .

If everything is done correctly, the rewards will instantly go to the game mail .


These promotional codes are no longer valid, but you can try to use them if suddenly some of them work again. Although this happens very rarely. Full list:

  • s1mple  – 350k silver, 4 enki, 20 decoctions, 3 days booster;
  • TGASALE  – Fane, 200k silver, rare tome and paint;
  • REALHELL  – epic books, 150 multi-fight, 500 energy and a million silver;
  • spooky13  – x2 experience for 1 day, 100 multi-fight, epic book;
  • MURDERGIFT  – half a million silver, energy banks (6 pieces), 150 autoboys, x2 experience for 3 days;
  • ESLPRO  – code for beginners for 3 books of experience;
  • NINJA  – 500 thousand silver, energy banks, 150 multi-fight and an experience boost;
  • gift1  – 5 arena access tokens, boss key, energy reserves, experience boost;
  • PLARIUMPLAY  – the code will work only after linking the account to Plarium Play, 1 ancient shard, half a million silver, x2 experience for 1 day, x5 energy, 150 multi-fight;
  • RAIDZIMA  – 100k silver, enka, 2 rare volumes.
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  • PowerStarter – Account receives Talia, Energy, and Silver (Accounts that are less than 72 hours old)
  • LuckyRaid – Account receives Chonoru, 300K Silver, Chicken
  • PCRaid2022 – Account receives 3 Day XP Boost, 500 Energy, 1 Clan Boss Key, 1 Arena Token Refill


Condition: Only for new accounts that started at least May 23rd, 2022

  • MyDeliana – 50 XP Brews, 375K Silver
  • GetDeliana22 – 50 XP Brews, 375K Silver
  • QueenDeliana – 50 XP Brews, 375K Silver


Active Codes

  • DKRises:
  • DKSekeltonCrew: 1x Common Deathknight, 3x 3 Star Chickens, 2x 2 Star Chickens, 40x Magic Affinity Brews, 300,000 Silver
  • Return – 1 XP 3 Days, 50 Multi-Battles, 999 Energy

Inactive Codes

  • 13YearsPlarium – 150 Multi Battles, 100 Energy, 30 Brews, 3 Days XP Boost
  • TGASALE – Accounts received Energy Refills, XP and other rewards (Promotion for The Game Awards Event)
  • S1mple – Accounts received 350k Silver, 4 Energy Refills, 3-Day XP Boost, and XP Brews (Promotion for S1mple Chase Event)
  • realhell – Accounts received 500 Energy, 1 million silver, 2 Epic books, and 3x 50 Multi-battle tokens (Promotion for Hydra Clan Boss Release)
  • SPOOKY13 – Accounts received energy Refills, EXP (Promotion for Halloween)
  • gift1 – Accounts received Energy Refills, Clan Boss Key, Arena Tokens
  • NINJA – Accounts received 500k Silver, 6 Energy Refills 3x 50 Multi-battle tokens, and a 3-day XP boost (Promotion for Ninja Chase Event)
  • PLARIUMPLAY – Accounts Received 5 Energy Refills, 50 Multi-Battle tokens, 500k Silver, 1 Ancient shard, and a 1 day XP Boost

New Raid Shadow Legends codes (Active List)

  • POWERSTARTER – Only for new players
  • LUCKYRAID – Only for new players
  • MYDELIANA – XP Brews 
  • PCRAID2022 – Only for new players
  • 3YEAR
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Your free rewards then go into your mailbox (top right of the screen as a chest icon). Items in the mailbox do expire so you should claim these before they do (often you will have 7 days).

latest RAID Shadow Legends Promo Code List

  • Mydeliana – Get this gift code to have free rewards
  • Xmas4u – Redeem this code to receive free rewards
  • TGASALE – Redeem this code to get x1 Fine Champion (Epic), 200K Silver, 60 Gems, x1 Epic Skill Tome, x10 Greater Spirit Potion, x15 Arcane Potion.
  • S1MPLE – Redeem this code to get 350K Silver, 3-Day XP Boost, x4 Energy Refill, x20 Magic XP Bruges
  • Real- 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, Epic Book x2 and 50
  • Redeem this code to get Autobattles x3
  • Ninja – Redeem this code to get 500k Silver, 3 Multi Battles, 1 3-Day XP Boost and 6 Energy Potions.
  • Guilty – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards.

However, The action game is a lot of fun and these promo codes will help players unlock free gifts and rewards that they will be able to use immediately in the game.

New raid shadow legends gift codes List

  • 3YEARSRAID – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards
  • TGA2021 – Redeem this promo code for XP, Energy Refills and more
  • Powerstarter – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards
  • LUCKYRAID – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards
  • RAIDGOODIES – Redeem this promo offer code to get free rewards
  • Gator – Redeem this promo offer code to get free rewards
  • YTPCOFFER22 – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards
  • PCRAID2022 – Redeem this promo code to get free rewards
  • KRISKMAS21 – Redeem this promo code to get XP, energy refills and more
  • RAIDXMAS21 – Redeem this promo code to get XP, energy refills and more

Please bookmark this page  for the latest codes. We constantly update the article and monitor the relevance of the list of active promotional codes for Raid: Shadow Legends. You can share in the comments if one of them is not available or you know those that are not listed in the article.

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