Recipe for bamboo shoot rice ! How to make delicious bamboo shoots rice

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice
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This time, We will introduce a simple recipe for bamboo shoot rice whose main ingredients are rice and bamboo shoots. The point is how to cut bamboo shoots. It’s not a lumpy one, it’s easy to eat even for small children, and it’s made into thin and thin shredded bamboo shoots like threads.

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice
Time required: 60 minutes or more

Simple recipe for bamboo shoot rice! The main ingredient is bamboo shoots only

The fragrance reminiscent of nuts is due to the freshly dug new bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots will turn around over time, so if you buy them, boil them down, let them cool overnight, and then remove the lye before you can eat them. It takes time, but even this kind of waiting time can be fun if you want to eat delicious bamboo shoots.

There are many variations of bamboo shoot rice, but this time I would like to introduce a simple bamboo shoot rice whose main ingredient is bamboo shoots and rice.


The point is how to cut. I usually make bamboo shoot rice with bamboo shoots in it, but this is difficult for small children to eat, so I cut it into thin strips like threads. Enjoy the flavor and aroma of bamboo shoots that crumble in your mouth with rice.

Ingredients for bamboo shoot rice (for 2 people )

Bamboo shoots rice
Rice2 cups (1 cup = 180 ml)
water2 cups (1 cup = 180 ml)
bamboo shoot100g
kelp10 cm
Light soy sauce1 tablespoon
Liquor1 tablespoon
salt1/2 teaspoon
Tree budAppropriately
Bamboo shoots are boiled and use 100g of hard roots.

How to make bamboo shoot rice

Make bamboo shoot rice

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1: Boil the bamboo shoots

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice

In a large pot, put the bamboo shoots, bran, and chili peppers that have been cleaned and cut, and boil the bamboo shoots. When the bamboo shoots are soft, let them cool in a pot, and when they cool, peel them.

2: Cut bamboo shoots

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice

Cut the roots of the bamboo shoots into thin slices, and then stack the slices into julienne. Prepare about 1 cup of julienne.

3: Put the ingredients in the rice cooker

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice

Put the sharpened rice, water, light soy sauce, sake, and salt in the rice cooker and mix them quickly. Add kelp and shredded bamboo shoots on top and cook on a regular course.

4: Mix bamboo shoot rice

Recipe for bamboo shoot rice

When the bamboo shoot rice is cooked, take out the kelp and mix it.

Put it in a bowl and decorate it with tree buds.

One point advice of the guide

Bamboo shoots have different hardness depending on the part, so if you cook according to the part, you can eat more deliciously. The hard root part is perfect for dishes such as simmered dishes and bamboo shoot rice that can be slowly cooked over time to spread the taste. The soft part of the tip is for wakatakeni and soup. Please use the slightly bitter princess skin as a dressing.

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