Recommended carbohydrates and 5 staple foods even during a diet

Recommended carbohydrates and staple foods even during a diet
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Carbohydrates have long been a hostile to dieters. But you don’t have to put up with it anymore. If you choose a diet-friendly type, you can eat properly and lose weight in a healthy way! Here are eight types of carbohydrates that will help you on your diet.

Can I eat while I’m on a diet? Recommended carbohydrates

Can I eat while I'm on a diet? Recommended carbohydrates
Are all carbohydrates an enemy of diet?

Diets that limit carbohydrates, such as diets that limit carbohydrates and diets without carbohydrates, are deeply popular in the world. Many people are getting results, but on the other hand, I can’t think of skipping the staple food! I can’t stop carbs! I love bread and pasta! There are many people who say that. Even if you do your best for a while and limit the staple food, if you restore the meal, it will rebound and your hard work will be ruined.

This time, we will introduce carbohydrates that can be used as staple foods, main dishes, and snacks that even such people can eat with peace of mind!


What is the difference between carbohydrates and sugars in the first place? I think many people have such a question. To put it briefly, carbohydrates are a combination of sugar and dietary fiber. Carbohydrates have a strong image of being a staple food, but rice, bread, potatoes, pumpkins, and fruits are also carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are contained in these carbohydrates, and when eaten, they are eventually decomposed into glucose in the body and used as energy to move the body. If you consume too much of this sugar, sugar that was not used as energy will be accumulated as fat, but it is not limited to sugar, and energy that consumes too much fat and protein will be stored in the body as fat. ..

A diet that allows you to lose weight without limiting carbohydrates! An Effective Diet to Face Carbohydrates

All of the sugars I’m about to introduce are highly nutritious and contain 2-3g of dietary fiber within 100kcal, which is recommended for dieting. This sugar is perfect for people who want to go on a diet without having to put up with their staple food.

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Carbohydrates suitable for dieting! 5 recommended staple foods

■ Barley
Refined barley is 97kcal in 1/2 cup and contains 22g of sugar and 3g of dietary fiber. Barley has a gradual rise in blood sugar level, which makes it easy to maintain a feeling of fullness, and because there is no sudden drop in blood sugar level after eating, it is easy to control appetite.

The ones that are often sold are refined, but the husks that are easily peeled off and the cracked barley with the husks removed are packed with healthier nutrients, and one serving is one serving. You can get 20 to 25% of the daily dietary fiber (according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ” Japanese Dietary Intake Standards” 2020 Edition , the daily dietary fiber intake target is 21g for men and 18g or more for women). ..

■ Whole grain pasta
Approximately 57g of dried whole grain pasta contains 198kcal, 43g of sugar and 5g of dietary fiber. Researchers in the United Kingdom have shown that high whole grain intake (such as eating three whole grains a day) is associated with low BMI and low fat around the abdomen. rice field.

You can eat pasta even while you are on a diet! I understand the feeling of motivation, but be careful of only one. Put whole grain pasta in 100-200 kcal (about 1/2 cup in a boiled state) per meal, and make a menu that considers nutritional balance so that you do not get full with whole grain pasta alone. And brown rice, germinated brown rice, and whole grain wheat, which I will introduce next, are also one of the whole grains. It is also important to eat a wide variety of whole grains.

■ Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread
With whole wheat, you can enjoy sandwiches with confidence!

Two commonly sold whole wheat breads have a calorie of about 160 kcal and contain 30 g of sugar and 8 g of dietary fiber. There should be many dieters who love bread. If you read the label carefully and choose the right whole grain bread, you don’t have to put up with sandwiches and toasts.

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First, don’t be fooled by the label “whole grain” or “whole wheat”. It may not be 100% whole grain wheat. Wise you are described as “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole wheat”, and each piece has 80-90 kcal calories, less than 1 g of sugar, and contains at least 2 g of dietary fiber. Let’s choose!

Two more recommended staple foods on a diet

■ Oatmeal
Dry oatmeal contains 153kcal, 27g of sugar and 4g of dietary fiber in 1/2 cup. Half of the dietary fiber contained in oatmeal is called water-soluble dietary fiber, which forms a gel in the intestine and has the role of reducing hunger and the effect of long-lasting satiety. This water-soluble dietary fiber also has the role of reducing visceral fat associated with metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and the onset of diabetes! Oatmeal is a superfood with high health benefits.

■ Quinoa
Cooked quinoa contains 111kcal, 20g of sugar and 2.5g of dietary fiber in 1/2 cup. The characteristic of this quinoa is that it contains all nine types of essential amino acids, which are essential amino acids that are necessary to build muscles that are low in fat and muscles that are necessary for burning fat. What’s more, it doesn’t contain the saturated fatty acids found in animal proteins that need attention. It is also famous for being hungry and prevents snacks and overeating of subsequent meals.

Diet ally, healthy sugar and 3 more types

■ Black beans

Diet ally, healthy sugar and 3 more types
Beans are a well-balanced health food!

For example, 1/2 cup of canned low-salt black soybeans is 109 kcal and contains 20 g of sugar and 8 g of dietary fiber. According to a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, those who eat legumes often have a 23% lower risk of waistline enlargement and a 22% lower chance of becoming obese.

There are many types of beans, but even if each type has a slight difference in dietary fiber content, all of them contain a lot of protein and iron, so no matter which one you choose, you won’t lose! However, when using canned beans, rinse them thoroughly with water to reduce the salt content.

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■ Green peas
Green peas are 1/2 cup and contain 67kcal, 12.5g of sugar and 4.5g of dietary fiber. It contains half of the daily requirement of zinc, which is an essential mineral, and also has the function of promoting the secretion of leptin, a hormone that sends a signal to the brain that you are full. ..

■ Popcorn (without oil)
Here comes the popcorn! The popcorn here is not the one in which oil or butter is pulled into a frying pan and popped (popped), but the one called Air-Popped, which is “POP” with heat or air. 3 cups of Air-Popped popcorn is 93kcal and contains 19g of sugar and 3.5g of dietary fiber.

If you want to eat salty snacks, reach out to popcorn instead of french fries or potato chips. Popcorn not only feels full faster than them, but also seems to have the effect of reducing hunger. And popcorn is one of the 100% whole grains I’ve recommended earlier, and even if you eat 3 cups, it’s only the calories of 9 potato chips, which is a common calorie!

Popcorn is often found in movie theaters and amusement parks, but you should be aware that the ones sold there are full of flavor sauces such as salt, butter and caramel. Popcorn, which has the signs of a big boom next to pancakes, can be a very healthy snack if you pay attention to butter and sauce!

How is it? Even if you like carbs, you can diet well if you choose these recommended sugars.

Even if you don’t limit your carbs too much, you can succeed in your diet by choosing the right one, being careful not to overeat, and taking the right amount. No matter how healthy and diet-friendly foods you eat, if you eat too much, you will get fat. Be careful with the amount, but don’t be afraid to get the nutrients you need! Why don’t you aim for a proper nutritional diet from now on?

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