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Relationship between Landlord and Real Estate Company Or Management Company
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Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:28 pm

Who should I contact if I have a problem while moving in? Landlord? Or is it a management company? Maybe I’ll contact the first real estate company I signed up for … This time, let’s teach the mechanism of “management”!

Relationship between Landlord and Real Estate Company Or Management Company

“The bathroom leaked!” “The noise of the neighbors is so noisy that I can’t sleep!” “I’ve forgotten this month’s rent transfer!”
Where would you like to be contacted when something like this happens?


Most people will contact the real estate agency that has the lease agreement.
However, in reality, the subsequent response will differ depending on what kind of contract the landlord and the real estate company (or management company) have.
This time, I summarized what the management consignment contract between this landlord and the management company is

What is a management consignment contract?

It is quite difficult for a landlord to manage his own property. Therefore, many outsource this to a management company. The contents of the contract are roughly divided into three.

(1) Vacancy guarantee contract
The landlord runs a leasing business in anticipation of monthly rent income. Therefore, if the resident cannot be found and the vacancy continues, there will be no income and you will be in trouble.
“Vacancy guarantee” guarantees that. By any chance, Even if the room is vacant, the management company will guarantee the rent for that As a landlord, if you pay a management company some management fee every month, you will be guaranteed vacancies and you will get a stable income. The management fee is 10 to 20% of the rent .

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(2) Delinquency guarantee contract
As a landlord, it is natural that we want residents to pay the rent properly every month. However, there are some residents who are in arrears. “Guarantee of delinquency” provides such a guarantee.In the unlikely event that the rent is delinquent, the management company will pay for it and guarantee it .

(3) Collection agency contract
We do not guarantee vacancies or delinquent rents, but we ask you to manage the rent for the rooms you are occupying. something like. It takes time to confirm whether the rent has been transferred. Therefore, it will be easier if the management company manages the payment of rent in a lump sum. The landlord only needs to be notified by the management company of the rent transfer status. The management company will take care of the reminder in case of rent delinquency.

Resident management is a set

Resident management is usually set in these management contracts.Resident management is the business of recruiting vacancies, contracting, managing residents who are occupying, and handling complaints… In other words, if the landlord has such a management contract, the management company will handle the resident.

The landlord pays a “management consignment fee” to the management company depending on the contents of the management contract. The management consignment fee is determined by the contents of the contract, that is, the degree of dependence of the landlord on the management company. Depending on the content of management, it seems that it is a guideline to pay about 5 to 20% of the rent every month.

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What is the contact information in case of trouble?

If the landlord has such a contract with the management company, the contact information when the resident has any problems is “Management companyIt will be. On the contrary, if the landlord does not have a management consignment contract with any management company, the contact information for troubles will be “landlord”.

By the way, the management company is not necessarily the real estate company that has signed the lease contract. In some cases, the real estate company also operates as a management company, but in other cases, it is a different company.

Be sure to confirm the “management company” at the time of contract

At first glance, it seems that the landlord has nothing to do with the management contract with the management company.
However, in reality, the lives of residents are greatly affected by what kind of management they are doing.

If the landlord seems to outsource the management to a management company, be sure to confirm where the management company is when you conclude the first lease contract. If possible, check the reputation of the management company on the Internet. In general, writing to such a management company is often critical, so I think that it is only for reference, but even so, if the management company’s reputation seems too bad, I like the property. Even if you do, it is wise not to sign a contract.

If the landlord manages it directly, the landlord near the property usually lives there. When you go to the site check, let’s check the management status of the property and meet the landlord.

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Management status by on-site check

Judging the management status is not just about examining the reputation of the management company. There are many things that can be learned when checking the property on site. Let’s take a look at these points in the preview check before the contract.

・ Is the garbage storage area clean?
・ Is the area around the building cleaned? ・ Is
there a pile of leaflets on the vacant posts?

・ Is there all-you-can-grow weeds on the premises? Checkpoints not only determine the management status, but also show the state of the resident. This is also one way to prevent various troubles that may occur after moving in.

If you want a comfortable life after moving in, we recommend that you put “management” as a point of choosing a property!

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