How to reset the Frigidaire oven control board?

How to reset the Frigidaire oven control board?
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Last updated on October 19th, 2022 at 07:12 pm

How to reset the Frigidaire oven control board? The basic thing to do is try to perform a hard reset by unplugging the Frigidaire oven, waiting about 20 seconds, and then plugging it back in. In most cases, this will be enough to reset the control board and get your oven working again.

How to reset the Frigidaire oven control board?


When it comes to appliances, Frigidaire is the top brand offering some of the best ovens, ranges, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers on the market. But even though your Frigidaire appliances are made and manufactured by a well-known company, that doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable or immune to breakdowns. And of course this contains your Frigidaire oven or range.


Fortunately, most of the major issues you’ll run into are minor, including faulty items, which can easily be replaced with something else. But when your oven breaks, you may also have problems with your oven’s main control panel, which can mean an expensive repair bill. Below, we’ll go over some issues we see with Frigidaire ovens, faulty control boards, and what you can do to try to resolve them. That said, major appliance repairs like a faulty control board are best left to a professional repair service rather than trying to do it yourself.

Common Control Board Problems

On the other hand, just because your oven doesn’t produce heat or cook food properly doesn’t necessarily mean you have a faulty control panel.

And, luckily, there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take before you pick up your phone to call a tech.

The oven does not turn on

When your oven won’t turn on and won’t respond, the first thing you should do is check that it’s properly plugged into the wall and that you don’t have a tripped breaker in your home’s main electrical panel. If it does, you can try resetting the circuit breaker by turning it back on and then rechecking your oven to see if it’s working again. If the breaker keeps tripping, you could have a wiring problem inside your oven.

However, if you are able to reset the brake and the oven still does not respond, it could mean that your oven’s main control panel is faulty. While you may be able to diagnose these issues on your own, if the problem persists, or you suspect a wiring issue or faulty control panel, call the professionals at Denver Appliance Repair today!

We can help you quickly diagnose your problem, as well as get you the right parts to get your oven back in working order!

Frigidaire oven turns on but does not heat

Alternatively, if your oven seems to have power, but doesn’t heat up when you turn it on to bake or roast, you may have faulty elements, which are fairly easy to replace. Due to the amount of heat and electricity that flows through them, it is not uncommon for an oven’s heating element to burn out over time. Of course, it is still possible that your problem is caused by a problem with the control panel. But a simple faulty element is the most likely culprit and the first thing to fix when your oven isn’t producing heat.

Fortunately, if you’re sure you have a faulty item, replacing it is relatively easy. Your unit will probably have some screws or bolts holding the element in place. Once loosened, you should be able to remove the faulty element and replace it with a new one. With that being said, you will need to make sure you buy the right replacement part for your specific make and model.

That is why we recommend contacting a professional repair service, which can make sure that the parts you buy are the correct ones.

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes

In some cases, especially with newer models, when your oven is not working properly it may start displaying an error code. When you see one of these error codes, it’s easy to panic.

But the first thing you should do is try to perform a hard reset by unplugging the oven, waiting about 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. In some cases, this will be enough to reset the control board and get your oven working again. Unless, of course, there is some other problem with your oven components or wiring. In which case, the oven will likely continue to display the same error code.

The benefits of using a professional service

The benefits of using a professional service

While some troubleshooting steps, like checking power or items for problems, are easy to do on your own, diagnosing error codes and performing repairs on your Frigidaire appliance should always be left to a professional technician. In fact, taking apart or attempting to repair your oven yourself puts you at risk of injury. In addition, you will also run the risk of causing unnecessary damage or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on your appliance. Still, if you decide to attempt a repair on your own, always be sure to start by unplugging your appliance or turning off the power at your home’s main electrical panel.

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On the other hand, there are several benefits to contacting a professional appliance technician to install, maintain, and repair your Frigidaire appliances. For starters, working with a professional repair service ensures that the replacement parts used will be of high quality and will ensure that they are the correct parts for your appliance. Plus, the workmanship is backed by a 30-day warranty.

Is there a reset button on a Frigidaire oven?

The oven’s bake, broil, or broil modes can be reset by pressing the “Cancel” button. You can also use this option when you want to change the cooking time or temperature of your food. You cannot use it when you want to reset the oven to the factory set internal temperature.

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So do the ovens have a reset button?

Your oven may also have a circuit breaker with a reset button on the control console or on top of the oven that must be reset. If you are still confused, move the oven away from the wall. If it is a stove/oven combination, make sure it is properly plugged into the wall.

You may also be asking, how do you light a Frigidaire oven? 2. Press and hold the UP or DOWN ARROW until the desired baking temperature appears in the display. 3. As soon as you release the UP or DOWN ARROW, the oven will begin heating and the fan inside the oven will turn on.

So why did my Frigidaire oven stop working?

Another reason the Frigidaire unit’s oven may not work while the range does is that the bake element inside the oven has burned out. If the bake element does not glow red when the oven has been turned on and preheated, it is probably burned out and needs to be replaced.

Why is my Frigidaire oven not heating up?

If the thermal fuse has blown, the oven will not heat. One of the wires supplying power to the oven element or igniter may be burnt. These cables commonly burn near the heat source. To determine if a wire has burned out, inspect the wires going to the element or igniter.

Why recalibrate your oven?

You may have inadvertently changed your oven’s internal temperature setting at some point. It is possible, if you are new to your house or apartment, that the previous tenant has done this. Or maybe he’s experimenting with a new cooking or baking style and would like to change the time something takes in the oven.

Whatever the reason, know that resetting the temperature controls on your Frigidaire oven is a simple process. But check your owner’s manual to make sure your appliance follows a similar process to most Frigidaire models.

If you have questions about how to reset your oven to factory settings, or how to raise or lower the internal temperature of the oven, you should contact Frigidaire. Your appliance technicians can offer you guidance that could prevent your next recipe from undercooking or overcooking altogether.

Lower internal temperatures

If you want to change your Frigidaire oven to a lower base temperature, because you may have felt that your food is coming out too dry or overcooked, you can do so by pressing the “BAKE” button for a total of 6 seconds. After this time has elapsed, a 0 should appear on the screen.

Now, you will need to enter the temperature you would like to reset the oven to; for example, enter 25 if you want to increase the base temperature to 25 degrees. Then use the “SELF CLEAN” button to let the oven know you are choosing a cooler temperature setting. Please note that this will not activate the self-clean cycle. Instead, the button is also used to reset to a lower temperature. When you’re done, press “START.”

Try the temperature reset the next time you cook or bake. Does the recipe take longer to bake than it did before you made the change? If so, you know your temperature changes were successful.

higher internal temperatures

If you prefer your Frigidaire oven to have a higher base temperature than it currently has, you will need to press “BAKE” again for 6 seconds. When 0 appears, enter the number of degrees you would like to change the base temperature by. It is recommended to do this gradually and test the changes the next time you cook, as small increases in temperature can cause food to overcook or even burn.

Once you’ve entered the number of degrees you want to increase, press “START.” Your changes must be programmed and the internal temperature of your oven must be reset. Test the changes the next time you make a favorite recipe to make sure the reset is to your liking and the base oven temperature isn’t too high.

How to Calibrate the Oven Temperature on a Frigidaire

How to Calibrate the Oven Temperature on a Frigidaire

If you have a Frigidaire oven, you may be wondering how to calibrate the temperature for optimal cooking. The 400 degree Fahrenheit setting on your new oven may result in different potatoes or roasts than your old oven, as manufacturers calibrate their appliances differently, and unique features in each oven’s construction can give resulting in different cooking results. Particularly if you are an avid chef or baker, you may prefer your oven temperature to be different than the factory setting.

Oven temperature check

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check the temperature of your oven. You can accomplish this by using an oven safe thermometer.

Put the thermometer in your oven and set the unit to a certain temperature, like 350 degrees F. Wait for the oven to come up to temperature, then remove the thermometer with an oven mitt. The temperatures must match.

Test oven temperature with sugar

Another method to check if you have a Frigidaire oven temperature problem is to use aluminum foil and sugar to test the temperature, according to Realtor. First, set the oven temperature to 356 degrees F and put a tablespoon of sugar on a piece of aluminum foil inside. Set the oven timer for 15 minutes and then remove the sugar.

Then, raise the oven temperature to 374 degrees F. Place the second piece of sugar-coated foil in the oven and let it cook for 15 minutes. If the first packet of sugar remains white, but the second packet melts and turns brown, your oven is calibrated correctly. If both samples remain white, your Frigidaire gas oven is not getting hot enough. On the other hand, if both are golden, the oven is too hot.

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Frigidaire Oven Calibration

You may want to calibrate your oven, regardless of whether there is a Frigidaire oven temperature problem. Factory settings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, if your new oven is larger or smaller, or has convection settings, your favorite recipes may turn out a little different than what you’re used to.

Your oven’s thermostat is set at the factory, but it is designed to be changed if desired. The thermostat can be set so that the oven cooks hotter or colder than the displayed temperature.

Oven temperature setting

To adjust the temperature of your Frigidaire oven, press and hold the “BAKE” button for eight seconds. The screen should show you the difference between the factory calibration and the current temperature setting. If your drive is new or has not been modified yet, the display should show “0”.

You can then adjust the temperature up or down in one degree increments at a time by pressing the up and down arrows. It’s a good idea to calibrate your oven slowly, changing it little by little, and then retry your favorite recipes to make sure you don’t mess it up too much. When you have reached the temperature you are happy with, wait five seconds and then the display will return to showing the time of day.

Note that when you are lowering the calibrated oven temperature, a minus sign will appear in front of the number on your display. This illustrates the number of degrees below the factory calibrated setting you have set on the oven. It does not mean negative degrees and the oven is not broken.

Calibration and self-cleaning function

It is important to note that altering the factory calibrated temperature settings on your Frigidaire oven will not alter the temperature of the oven’s self-clean feature. This is because a self-clean cycle is completed at a very high temperature and would not be effective at a lower temperature. Also, the self-clean cycle cannot be completed at a higher temperature, as doing so could overheat the oven or even cause a fire.

My Frigidaire Oven Display Doesn’t Work

Many Frigidaire ovens have an electric display that allows users to see the selected cooking function, temperature, timer countdown, and a clock. When problems arise with the digital oven display not working, an error code may appear on the display to notify users of the problem. However, if there is nothing on the oven display, this is a separate problem that can probably be fixed quite easily.

Frigidaire Oven Control Board Troubleshooting

Frigidaire notes that their ovens vary in the features they offer, so consulting the owner’s manual for your particular model may help you troubleshoot the specific problem you’re experiencing. A digital oven display that is not working properly and a blank digital display can indicate different problems.

Possible power problem

When the digital display on a Frigidaire oven is not working and the Frigidaire oven is blank, the first thing to check is to see if there is no power to the entire appliance. Find the power cord and make sure it is plugged in and replace or reset the fuse or circuit breaker if necessary. If other appliances are also without power, part or all of the house may be temporarily without power. Contact your power company or just wait for the power to come back on.

Power saving mode

Several Frigidaire ovens are equipped with an energy-saving mode that will automatically turn off the oven after six hours, which can make the display appear to no longer work. To deactivate the energy saving mode, press and hold the «Timer» key for six seconds until «6Hr OFF» appears. Press “Start” to confirm.

Sabbath mode function

The Sabbath Mode feature prevents the oven display from changing when activated. This means that while the oven has power, it does not appear to be working. The Sabbath mode feature will also override the power save mode. To deactivate the Sabbath mode function, press and hold “Delay” and “Bake Time” at the same time for three seconds. “SAb” will appear and then disappear from the display.

Oven lockout feature

The oven display may not change if the lockout feature has been activated. Press and hold the “Lock” button for three seconds until “OPn door” appears on the screen. This means that the lock, which prevents children or others from using the oven, has been released and changes can now be made to the display.

Silent operation selection

Some owners may feel there is a problem with the display if pressing any of the control buttons does not generate a beep. To restore normal screen sounds, press and hold «Delay Start» until «beep on» is displayed. Press “Start” to confirm the change.

Oven control board replacement

If you hit a wall with a Frigidaire oven control panel that isn’t working even after your troubleshooting attempts, you may need to replace the control panel. At this point you may want to call a repair person. But if you filled out and mailed in a product registration card for your oven, check to see if it’s still under warranty before you pay for the repair.

How do you reset a Frigidaire stove?

  • Press and hold the “Bake” button for six seconds until “0°” appears on the display.
  • Enter the lowest temperature you want to reset the oven to.
  • Press “Self Clean” to reset the internal oven temperature to a cooler setting.

What does the F10 code mean on a Frigidaire electric range?

Frigidaire electric ranges are not designed to heat beyond a specific grilling temperature. In the interest of self-preservation, your Frigidaire electric range may display an “F10” code and shut down with no option to turn it back on. If this happens, you will need to troubleshoot some temperature related issues.

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temperature out of control

Each time you select an oven temperature, the heating elements are commanded to increase until that temperature is reached. If your Frigidaire electric range detects that the temperature is exceeding acceptable limits, the code F10 will appear and the range will automatically shut off to prevent damage. The oven will not turn on until the temperature drops significantly. If this happens repeatedly, it can seriously damage your oven.

RTD Sensor Probe

A faulty RTD sensor probe is one of the causes of an F10 code or oven overheating. The sensor probe is supposed to detect the exact temperature in the Frigidaire electric range cavity and relay it to the main oven control so it knows when to turn off the heating elements. Follow your wiring diagram to find the location of the probe, which may differ between models. Inspect it for obvious damage, such as cracks or tears in the wiring.

resistance check

If the probe appears to be intact, it could be internally broken and giving incorrect information. Check the resistance in ohms using a multimeter. Disconnect power to your oven and trace the probe wires to the connection points. Disconnect them and turn your multimeter to read the resistance in ohms. Attach the red and black probe to each of the terminals. At room temperature), the probe should typically read around 1100 ohms. If your reading is much above or below that, your probe needs to be replaced.


Other possible causes of an F10 overheating code include a faulty thermostat connected to the temperature controls on your Frigidaire electric range. A faulty thermostat could command elements to heat beyond their capacity if it is not reading the temperature control limits correctly. You can also test the resistance in the same way as the sensor probe, except you should get a rating of “zero” or infinity.

Frequent questions

1- How do I know if the control board of my oven is faulty?

  • The oven does not turn on at all.
  • The oven turns on, but does not heat up.
  • The oven may not turn off.
  • Only one heat element works.
  • The clock or timer on the screen does not work.
  • The oven may turn off randomly.
  • The oven displays an error code when it is turned on.

2- Do the ovens have a reset button?

Your oven may also have a circuit breaker with a reset button on the control console or on top of the oven that must be reset. If you are still confused, move the oven away from the wall.

3- What makes the oven control panel not work?

If the stove doesn’t work at all, it probably doesn’t have power for the display or controls. Possible causes are a tripped house circuit breaker for the kitchen, an issue with the outlet cord (not plugged in or broken), or an internal wiring fault.

4- How do you fix F11 on the stove?

The constant beep and F11 are caused by a shorted touchpad. You can try and press other touchpads to clear this error. You can turn the power to the oven off for 2 minutes and back on to see if the problem is fixed.

5- How do I reset my oven?

Turn circuit breaker to OFF position or remove fuse. Wait one minute, then return the circuit breaker to the ON position or install the fuse to restore power to the unit. This should reset the electronic controls on the range or wall oven.

6- Why did my oven suddenly stop working?

An oven that won’t heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). If both your gas oven and gas burners have stopped working, the problem is most likely in the gas line and will require professional repair.

7- Why does my oven not reach the temperature?

This can be caused by a faulty temperature sensor or a temperature sensor touching the oven wall. Cause: If it still won’t heat to the correct temperature and you’ve checked or replaced the heating elements, gas igniter and temperature sensor, it may just need to be calibrated.

8- How do you clean the control plate of an oven?

To clean grease from your oven’s control panel, simply take a cloth or sponge and wipe down your oven with a food-safe degreaser. DO NOT spray the control panel with water, which will cause the electrical components inside the oven to fail.

9- How do I reprogram my Frigidaire oven?

If you want to change your Frigidaire oven to a lower base temperature, because you may have felt that your food is coming out too dry or overcooked, you can do so by pressing the “BAKE” button for a total of 6 seconds. After this time has elapsed, a 0 should appear on the screen.

10- Is it worth repairing the ovens?

A repair is always an option until the repairs cost more than the oven is worth. If your oven constantly breaks down, it may mean the unit is reaching the point of no return. Continual replacement of parts and payment for repairs can add up quickly, so buying a new oven would make more financial sense.


The first thing to do is try to perform a hard reset by unplugging the oven, waiting about 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. In some cases this will be enough to reset the control board and get your oven working again, while in other cases it may not start working at all, so there are also other test methods you should try before complaining .

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