[Review] Cybex solution M-fix SL opinions

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

We have been using the Cybex Solution M-Fix SL for a few weeks and we are delighted. As you know, when it comes to child restraint systems in cars, We have no half measures: it is best for children to travel rear facing as long as possible  but, once this period is extended, we have no choice but to give them turn around and find them a seat that is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Cybex solution M-fix SL opinions

That is why today I want to talk to you about the Cybex chair that we have chosen after evaluating many of those on the market. Let’s start!


There are several things to take into account when buying a group 2/3 chair from my point of view. Obviously, for our needs, this chair meets all of them with flying colors so I can’t think of a better common thread for this post than explaining each of these aspects.


That the seat has Isofix anchorage. This seat is valid from 15 Kg to 36 Kg (approximately from 3 years to 12 years) and is anchored to the car with ISOFIX connectors, which prevents movements of the seat, which translates into greater safety and stability. But it is also compatible with cars that are not equipped with this system.


That it has a backrest and a 3-point belt guide.  As if it were an adult,  the belt must be guided and the long or  longitudinal part  must rest on the clavicle (and not touch the neck) and the short or  ventral  part on the pelvis and even on the legs (never on the abdomen). 

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As for the backrest, it is essential that child seats have side protection, so, despite the fact that they are still sold individually, I recommend that you do not buy just the seat

Have side impact reinforcement . This chair features Linear Side Impact Protection, known as the LSP system, which  absorbs impact energy in the event of an accident at a very early stage.

Put another way, “The force of a side impact crash is systematically absorbed by the side protectors as well as the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the body’s kinetic energy caused by the impact is immediately absorbed and the head is actively guided into a safe position.”

That is compatible up to 1.50 height . I know, it is not mandatory but, being safer, why do we insist on saying that from 1.35 in height they can go without anything? For comfort and space inside the car? Please, child restraint systems like these prevent direct hits and reduce the risk of injury. Do not remove the chairs until they reach 1.50 tall!!


Make it comfortable . You are right. We spend many hours traveling by car with children  and, in addition to safety, which is important, we also have to take into account their comfort. That’s why I love this Cybex Solution.

  • Its headrest is adjustable in up to 12 positions, which makes the chair “grow” naturally with the child.
  • The backrest is reclining, so it adapts perfectly to the vehicle seat.

Make your fabric breathable.   This seat has a ventilation system that keeps the child’s body at a comfortable temperature even on hot days. And this is thanks to its system of mesh ventilation channels that are distributed in the backrest. And it is machine washable !!

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If you want to see 

if the ISOFIX system is compatible with your car , just go to the following link  

http://cybex-online.com/compatibilityAs for what it occupies in the car, 

the measurements are : length (42 cm) / width (54 cm) height (63 cm) and weight: 5.8 kgAnd so far all the information on Juan’s new chair, do you like it? Have you heard of the 

Cybex Solution M Fix SL? And what are you looking for in a group 2/3 car seat?

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