RHOBH: How Fans React to Sheree Zampino in Season 12

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RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais brought her friend Sheree Zampino to the show. Her fans are enjoying her presence and hope to see more of her in the future.

RHOBH: How Fans React to Sheree Zampino in Season 12

Fans Real Beverly Hills Housewives Already Love Sheree Zampino. An old friend of Garcelle Beauvais, the rookie is appearing on the show as part of season 12. Some viewers are already hoping she will get her full role in her next season.

Sheree Zampino is an entrepreneur and artist. In 1992, she married actor Will Smith, and they had a son, Trey. Sheree and Garcelle are good friends, and by chance Garcelle dated Will Smith after she divorced Sheree. In a recent Robes episode, Garcell spoke about Will and Sheree’s co-parenting situation, what she wanted to reflect on her relationship with her ex-husband Mike Nilon.


Robe viewers will be familiar with Sheree from previous seasons, but this will be the first time Sheree actually engages with the other cast members. She appeared at the beginning of season 12, but there’s a part where she recently started to shine in her light. Regarding the appearance of the rookie on the show, Twitter user Eguzman said, “Sheree made more of an impact in eight seconds than Diana showed in nearly eight episodes.” Another user, light_affair agrees, added “Sheree is really working overtime for what she deserves!!” .

Sheree told her 14-year-old son Erika Jayne, who had been drinking with Garcelle. “Damn it.” “I don’t know if she’s used to talking to people like that, but she wouldn’t talk to my son that way.” Garcelle said in her confession: She revealed to Sheree at Sutton Stracke’s housewarming party that she was ready to approach Erika to talk about it while she was intoxicated. “To set ab*tch straight,” she toasted.

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Fans are excited to see Sheree giving the show a little more personality. She can sometimes step into her full-time housewife if her cast’s friends get good reviews from her viewers and crew, which viewers believe she’s already giving that energy to. At Garcelle’s birthday party, Sheree talked with some women about her marriage to Will Smith. She seemed to get along well with the group.

Based on a few episodes, fans seem excited to see Sheree Zampino and see the potential she can bring. Real housewives in Beverly Hills , as friends or full-time housewives. Her dynamism with other women is already promising. Fans have been praising her contributions so far and are hoping to see more of her in season 12.

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