Rich house vs Poor House: What is the difference between rich and poor housing?

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Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:32 pm

What does the rich man’s house look like? I’m worried about that. On the other hand, would you like to know what the poor people’s home looks like, whether the difference makes them rich or remains poor, if there is a difference?

You can tell if you are rich or not to some extent in the place where you live, but even in places where you do not live so rich, you may be rich. The key to knowing this is what’s happening inside the house.


There is nothing in a rich house !?

I’m rich, so I think, “You can buy anything you like, right?” “There seems to be anything at home!” However, that is a complete mistake. Inside a rich house, it’s rather refreshing and empty.

Of course, there are many people who collect a lot of expensive brand items, but because they are well stored, it looks like there are no items.

Also, rich people can buy as many things as they like, but they don’t have enough things to store. We secure space for new things by giving or disposing of things that we no longer need.

Storage is also an eternal theme in our lives. If you buy storage goods, you will have more things to buy, and you will have to buy more storage goods … But then, things in the house will not decrease at any time.

What is the difference between rich and poor housing?
The inside of a rich house is really neat and tidy, and it feels like a master of storage!

What’s happening inside the poor man’s house?

On the other hand, in the poor people’s house, there are many things and I get the impression that they are messed up. It is said that imitating is the best way to improve everything. It’s the same with money. In other words, by imitating the rich person’s house, you will be able to think in the same way as the rich person.

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However, I heard a complaint saying, “I can’t live in a mansion like a rich man.” In fact, there are many ordinary rental properties with high storage capacity. The aim is a property that is not very new. Older properties tend to have higher storage capacity.

Specifically, it is 2K and the storage is one and a half ken, and the top bag is one and a half ken. There are properties such as 3K with storage for two and a half and storage. You can search by setting conditions, so please check it. With these properties, invisible storage can be realized, and the inside of the house can be kept clean at all times.

Also, even if you cannot move, just organizing your luggage will increase the storage capacity. It doesn’t cost much, and I think we can get started right away.

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Sharpen your sense of money without buying extra things

Once you can store it, you will feel resistance to the overflow of things, and you will change your thinking to dispose of things you don’t need. By having the minimum necessary items, you will be satisfied. Realizing that you are satisfied is the first step in thinking for the rich.

Also, the cleanliness of the house is important for good luck. Let’s aim for richness by making luck on your side with “thinking + action”.

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