“Rosemary Camphor” What is the effect of the aroma oil ?

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There are about three types of rosemary essential oils. Introducing the efficacy and usage of one of them, Rosemary Camphor. The scent is said to stimulate the sympathetic nerves, so it is good for supporting when you want to raise your feelings or motivate yourself.

What is Rosemary Camphor? Fragrance and efficacy

Rosemary Camphor
Efficacy of aroma oil “rosemary camphor”

Scientific name Rosmarinus officinalis ct.Camphora
Rosemary that collects oil by steam distillation of Labiatae

The herb has become very major! And rosemary essential oils are also well known.
But do you know that there are different types of rosemary oil used in aromatherapy? I would like to introduce one of them, Rosemar


What’s wrong?

Usually common rosemaryEssential oils contain approximately the following ingredients:

1,8-cineole, camphor, borneol, bornyl acetate, β-caryophyllene, etc.

Although it contains an ingredient called camphor, the essential oil of rosemary camphor is an aroma that contains more camphor than normal rosemary. These essential oils are called “chemotypes”.y Camphor.

What is a chemotype?

What is a chemotype?
There are differences in the natural chemical composition

An oil with “ct” written behind the name of the essential oil. This is an abbreviation for chemo (c) type (t). Translated as a chemical species, it is an oil that contains more of a certain component than ordinary (standard) essential oils. The letters written after ct are the component names that contain a lot.

For example, in the case of this rosemary camphor, it is written as Rosmarinus officinalis ct. Camphora, which is “camphor”.

The scent is also different

When it comes to a lot of certain ingredients, the scent is also affected. Rosemary camphor has a sharper, cleaner scent than regular rosemary. Some people may feel tsundere, while others may have an herbal impression.

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When to choose rosemary camphor

Camphor is one of the components classified into the group of organic compounds called ketones. Another name is Borneon.

When to choose rosemary camphor
Rosemary camphor that can be said to be a little advanced

In the aromatherapy world, ketones are a component of some concern. It is said to have undesired effects and reactions on nerves and skin. Since aromatherapy is not medical, medical data is not generally available, but attention should be paid to neurotoxins and skin irritation.

It may not be a very clever way to just get information from books and the internet, but camphor itself seems to be a component that needs attention anyway.

Since it is said to affect nerves in particular, people with high blood pressure, children, pregnant women, etc. should refrain from using it or consult a medical professional.


  • Rosemary camphor should not be used by people with high blood pressure, children or pregnant women. Or consult a healthcare professional to use.
  • Do not actively use it except for the method from the sense of smell (method of smelling the scent). Or do not use at all (people with weak skin or poor health)

Expected effects and effects of rosemary camphor

Expected effects and effects of rosemary camphor
Enjoy the scent rather than applying it to your skin

Therefore, rosemary camphor is often picked up in anticipation of the effect of camphor. Camphor is said to work especially on nerves and muscles. Therefore, it is said to be good for muscle pain and neuralgia. The scent is also said to stimulate the sympathetic nerves, so it is good for supporting when you want to raise your feelings or motivate yourself.

Drop a drop on a diffuser or cotton to spread the scent in your room.

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