‘Shadow Arena’ service ends on August 10th

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Pearl Abyss announced the end of service for the action PvP game ‘Shadow Arena’. After about two years of early access, the whole journey ended without an official release.

Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss posted a notice titled ‘Shadow Arena service termination notice’ on the official website of Shadow Arena on the 8th. After the game was first introduced at the G-Star event in November 2019, CBT was conducted four times, and the service was continued for about two years and eight months with early access in May 2020, but in the end, it was decided to terminate the service. content was included.

Shadow Arena is a reconstructed spin-off of ‘Shadow Battlefield’, the content in ‘Black Desert’. It was the direction and goal of Shadow Arena to provide a different type of experience from Black Desert, an MMORPG, to players who prefer PVP-centered games, and further establish itself as an ‘action Battle Royale’ game. Pearl Abyss has been making various attempts and efforts over the past two years and eight months, but the current Shadow Arena has decided that it is difficult to deliver the unique tension and fun to the players, and after long consideration and consideration, the decision to terminate the service has been made.


All downloads of Shadow Arena’s games were stopped from the 8th when the announcement was posted, and the ‘Last Season’, which only users who had previously installed the game, could participate, started at the same time. The remaining users can play the game normally until the last moment when the game service ends, and all items that can be purchased through the in-game shop are sold at a discount of 1 silver. Applications for refund of in-game cash goods that have been paid in the past will be processed from the 8th to August 10th, and all services of Shadow Arena will end on August 10th, when all refund requests are finished.

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Pearl Abyss expressed its apologies for the sudden service termination decision and announced that all Shadow Arena players will be given certain items that can be used in Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile. All accounts with a Shadow Arena play record by 11 am on July 8, 2022 will be eligible for item distribution.

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In addition, the final season, which runs until August 10, when all services are terminated, and the ‘Developer’s Note’ containing the last story of the development team that have not been communicated in the past were also released. Pearl Abyss once again expressed its sincere thanks to everyone who had been with us for a long time, and said that they would do their best until the end of the service so that the time spent with Shadow Arena remains as a pleasant memory.

Shadow Arena is known as a work directed by Kim Gwang-sam, the developer of ‘Star Wind’, in charge of the PD. Having shown his extraordinary affection for the game through several interviews, he has revealed his ambition to refine and develop Shadow Arena into a game like mixed martial arts in the PvP game genre. However, in March, it was reported that PD Kim Kwang-sam had left Pearl Abyss for health reasons, and ‘Shadow Arena’ was also decided to end service.

More detailed information regarding refund application and payment of reward items for ‘Shadow Arena’ can be found through the notice on the official website.

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