Skin care with Astringent Aroma oils! Recommended usage of astringent aroma oil

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There are many good aroma oils for skin care. One of the things I’m happy about is the “astringent effect”. Here is a summary of typical aroma oils, what kind of oil should be used and how.

Skin care with Astringent Aroma oils
Not only the face but also the sagging of the upper arm is worrisome

What is astringent action?

Convergence means “tightening the organization”. “Ren” means “shrink”. In ancient times, medicinal plants have been used to attach the surface of wounds. The most familiar thing that has a converging effect is tannin contained in tea such as black tea. It’s abundant in red wine, but when you put it in your mouth, it feels like your tongue shrinks. That is convergence.

The “astringent effect” of aroma oils (essential oils) used in aromatherapy is, for example, to tighten the skin and prevent or reduce sagging and wrinkles. It’s a particularly nice effect for women.


Recommended usage of astringent aroma oil (essential oil)

It is recommended to add astringent aroma oil (essential oil) to handmade lotion, mix it with clay pack, or add it to treatment oil. You can also take a bath. Both can be expected to have a skin care effect.

Aromatherapy is systemic. When it comes to skin care, you can use not only the face but also the body. Please use it not only for the stains and sagging of the face, but also for the sagging of your upper arm, stomach, etc.

(Essential oils used in aromatherapy are different from medicines, cosmetics, and quasi-drugs.)

Essential oil with excellent astringent action

Essential oil with excellent astringent action
Let’s tighten the slack that you care about with the power of plants!

■ Cypress
It is no exaggeration to say that the oil is best known for its astringent action. Recommended for blended oils and lotions . Woody scent.

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■ Sandalwood
The calm scent of sandalwood. It’s gentle on the skin, so it’s recommended for lotion .

■ Juniper Berry
It is recommended for improving sagging and acne because it has an excellent cleansing effect on the skin. For lotion and blended oil .

■ Geranium
A floral scent suitable for skin care. As it improves the complexion, it is a versatile player for lotion , blended oil , clay packs and creams.

■ Patchouli
A deep and impressive exotic scent. Recommended for lotions and blended oils .

■ Frankincense
A representative of historical aromatic plants that have been used to improve wrinkles and sagging since ancient times. Suitable for all skin care . Also for aroma baths .

The refreshing scent of peppermint seems to tighten your heart. It is easy to feel irritation to the eyes, so it is recommended to take care of your feet with a foot bath , blended oil , etc. rather than using it on your face.

■ Myrrh A
scent from resin. It’s easy to get lumpy, so it’s best to use it as soon as you open it so that it doesn’t come in contact with the air frequently. For moisturizing creams and blended oils .

■ Rose Otto
Rose is recommended for wrinkles, sagging, and rough texture. Representative player of high-class aroma. But history proves that it’s worth it. Use it on your face and whole body in every way, including lotion .

■ Rosemary
An herb known as “a rejuvenating wonder drug“. The tsundere scent also stimulates the brain and rejuvenates the whole body. It can be used not only for lotion but also for blended oils and aroma baths to improve wrinkles and sagging .

■ Laurel
A refreshing scent. Recommended for blended oils and aroma baths .

■ Lemon
A pleasant lemon with a light and refreshing scent. Suitable for blended oils . Lemon essential oil has “phototoxicity”. Do not expose the area to ultraviolet rays (sunlight) for several hours after applying it to the skin. For example, even if you use a blended oil containing lemon on your skin at night, it seems that there is no problem with going out the next morning.

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