Skin problems in Rainy season Causes and Solutions

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During the rainy season, your body and mood are not good. And my skin isn’t feeling well, and I’m constantly having skin problems … Is there anyone like that? At this time when the temperature and humidity are high, we will explain the causes that keep beautiful skin away and appropriate measures and care.

Skin problems in Rainy season

5 Causes and Solutions for Skin problems in Rainy season

The rainy season continues with hot and mushy days. Many people may feel uncomfortable or feel sick because of the high temperature and humidity. In addition, it seems that there are many people who have difficulty maintaining beautiful skin and have frequent skin problems. This time, let’s introduce the causes and solutions for the five typical skin problems that are plagued during the rainy season.

1: Sticky and shiny

Of course, if it rains a lot, the humidity will continue to be high. It is said that the ideal humidity for beautiful skin is about 50-60%, but it is higher on rainy days.


High humidity means that sweat does not easily evaporate from the skin and easily stays on the surface of the skin. Together with the excessively secreted sebum, it makes the skin sticky, shiny, and destroys makeup. In particular, the part called the T zone, such as the forehead and nose, secretes a lot of sebum, and there are many people who are shiny only in this part.

As a solution, care to control excess sweat and sebum is recommended. However, it is difficult to brake sweat with skin care, so focus on the sebum block. The easiest and most effective method is to thoroughly clean the sebum that has clogged the pores. If you keep the sebum in the pores to zero, you can save time until it comes out on the surface of the skin. For morning skin care, add enzyme-based facial cleansers, deep cleansers, peel-off packs, and more to your side. It’s also a good idea to use a facial cleanser to clean your pores once or twice a week.

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2: Pore trouble

Speaking of pore problems, it may be open, lumpy, darkened, or tear-shaped. If the sebum secretion is excessive, it will open wide, and if the outlet of the pores is small and the sebum is clogged, it will be white and noticeable.

Furthermore, when sebum comes into contact with air and oxidizes, it becomes darker, and it is also recognized as darkening due to melanin and shadows. Also, when the skin sags due to the effects of ultraviolet rays, some people may be worried that the pores will become tear-shaped.

Opening, spots, and darkening are often found mainly in the nose where sebum is excessively secreted, and it is also effective to remove sebum in the pores as much as possible. It is also a good idea to tighten the pores themselves with a converging lotion.

In addition, whitening cosmetics may eliminate darkening of pores. This is because it is not uncommon for melanin to be concentrated near the pores if you think it is dirty in the pores. For tear-shaped pores, use a beauty essence that has a lift-up effect to restore the skin around the pores.

3: Acne

It does not always develop into acne because it secretes a lot of sebum. It is safe if excess sebum is smoothly discharged to the surface of the skin. When unwanted old dead skin cells block the pores and mix with the sebum in the pores to clog them, the bacteria can easily grow and become acne.

In other words, in addition to sebum care, care to remove unwanted dead skin cells is important. Use facial cleansers and peels that can remove dead skin cells, wipes, and keratin care serums. Of course, avoid using it if you already have acne and feel irritation.

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It’s important to note that when it comes to acne control, you tend to be desperate to get rid of acne, but be aware that hydration is even more essential. If your skin doesn’t have enough water, you may get more sebum to make up for it.

And if you replenish plenty of water with lotion, don’t forget the milky lotion and cream even in the hot and humid rainy season. Toner alone makes it easier for skin moisture to escape. Recently, the number of milky lotions that are light and comfortable to use is increasing, so let’s rely on this time.

4: Dullness

There is the word rainy season, but there are many days when it gets cold so suddenly that it is hard to believe that it is just before summer. In such a case, the blood vessels contract. When blood circulation is poor, the skin loses its brightness and transparency, and the entire face looks dark and dull.

To promote blood flow in the face, it is recommended to warm the whole body with a half-body bath or to warm the skin with a steaming towel. Also, I definitely want to practice massage. Massage the entire face with special cosmetics such as cream. If you don’t know how to do it, slide your finger from bottom to top and from inside to outside.

5: Inadvertent sunburn

If rainy or cloudy days continue, will UV protection be neglected? But be careful. Even if it is not sunny, ultraviolet rays are falling on the ground, and if it is a thin cloud, 80% of the ultraviolet rays will pass through.

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Nevertheless, if you do not take UV care because you do not feel the sunlight, there is a great risk that dullness and dark spots will increase at this time before summer. In daily life, use UV care such as SPF30 and PA ++ without fail, and if you are interested, actively incorporate whitening cosmetics.

So far, I have explained about skin problems that are easy to worry about during this period. Of course, these break out all year round, but some people are particularly worried about the hot and humid rainy season. By knowing the causes and solutions, I think we can take more effective measures than ever before.

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