“Stepping stone to Passwordless” Stytch unveils new password solution

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Stytch, a passwordless solution provider , unveiled a new password management service on the 18th .


The cloud-based solution that Stytch unveiled this time was developed for companies that have yet to adopt passwordless technology, and focused on improving the risks and management problems of traditional password systems. For reference, passwordless technology refers to a system that logs in with alternative information such as fingerprints and devices without entering a password. There are four characteristics that Stytch emphasized in the new service. 

  • Password reuse: If you create a login system with a switch solution, you can check whether the password has been leaked through HIBP (HaveIBeenPwnd) the moment you log in to your account. HIBP is a site that checks whether e-mail or mobile phone information has been leaked, and has 12 billion leaked password data. If the password in use is found in the data of HIBP, the password is automatically reset. 
  • Enhancing password level: When a user sets a password, the password level is checked through a checker called ‘zxcvbn’ and a recommended password is presented. zxcvbn is a cryptographic level checker created by Dropbox and is an open source technology.  
  • Avoid duplicate sign-up: Users may not remember whether they signed up with Facebook or Google sign-in, or whether they signed up by entering their own email address. Occasionally, if you choose the wrong login method, two accounts are created, but Stytch’s service supports email login service regardless of the registration method to prevent duplicate registration. 
  • Reset: A solution that people often use when they forget their password is a reset. Stytch supports the email login method so that you can log in without knowing the password and not needlessly reset.
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Stytch CEO Reed McGinley-Stampel said, “Stytch still has a negative view of the traditional password system, and this service found a solution based on that view. Although interest in passwordless is growing, companies are still hesitant to apply passwordless systems to all employees. “For the next few years, passwords and passwordless services will coexist, and we hope this service from Stytch will modernize the traditional password system.” 


In fact, the possibility of opening the passwordless era is gradually increasing. “The number of login solutions that use biometrics is increasing,” said Abi Turman, CEO of IronVest, a security company specializing in account protection. When these two factors are well combined, we can enter a passwordless era in the future.” 

“I think we should get rid of traditional passwords for security reasons, but in the future we will not use passwords because they are too inconvenient,” Turman said. Many users have found it convenient to log in with biometrics such as fingerprints on smartphones, and related technologies are now being introduced to desktops as well. Eventually, you will end up not using passwords.” 

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