Stranger Things ‘SCP: The Secret File’ Releases on Steam September 13th

Stranger Things SCP
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The release date of ‘SCP: The Secret File’, developed by Gameju Studio and published by Pixmain, was announced on the 25th at the Future Game Show of Games Radar. ‘SCP: The Secret File’ is scheduled to be released for PC on September 13th.

Stranger Things SCP
Stranger Things ‘SCP

Based on a jointly written project by the SCP Foundation community, ‘SCP: The Secret File’ features horror, thriller and puzzle elements and tells the story of the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to defending the world from anomalies.

Based on internet stories written by fans over the years, SCP: The Secret File has something for both old and new fans. Boneless fans of the SCP Foundation will find in the trailer the story of the “Little Witch” known as SCP-239. Players still unfamiliar with the SCP Foundation can access the game as a gateway to extensive SCP-related knowledge.


Players take on the role of an agent for the SCP Foundation, experiencing four of the world’s favorite SCP cases and an entirely new case. Prepare for a heart-pounding chase as you explore the seemingly endless desert dunes or abandoned facilities covered in bizarre mannequins. ‘SCP: The Secret File’ presents different art styles such as unrealistic cell-shading, bizarre realism or pixel art for each case, creating a different atmosphere for each.

Pixmain’s Publishing Producer, Teana Zhang, said, “I am very excited to release the confidential files of September 13th to the world. The knowledge of the SCP Foundation is vast, mysterious and fascinating. It is an honor to present these events to the world in a face-to-face manner.”

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“Working on ‘SCP: The Secret File’ was thrilling,” said Xiaolyang Wang, lead developer at Gameju Studio. “Making a game with such dedicated and creative fans is an exciting and humble task. “We aim to make ‘SCP: The Secret File’ one of the most faithful and immersive SCP Foundation games in existence, and we hope that this work will resonate with Foundation members around the world.” added.

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