Supports in Overwatch 2: characters and everything you need to know to keep your team alive

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Supports in Overwatch 2: Supports or healers are one of the most important roles in any video game that has them. And I’m not just talking about World of Warcraft and Overwatch 2 , but also others like League of Legends , Battlefield and Destiny 2 , for example. They are represented as magicians, sorcerers, scientists and technological experts, but in practice they are doctors with great power.

Supports in Overwatch 2

Supports in Overwatch 2: “heroes never die”

The role of Supports in Overwatch 2 is to heal, shield, and buff allies so they can continue to fulfill their responsibilities. In my opinion, it is the most difficult role to master , the most important and the one that requires the most commitment from the player. Before I start telling you everything you need to know, I present to you the cast of characters :

Supports in Overwatch 2

What should a Support do during games?

The support class should heal, shield, and buff the team at all times. It is the most complicated class because it combines the most complex facets of the other two classes: quick decision making and positioning . The healer must know where he is at all times, which ally needs him the most, and when to heal and buff. All at the same time in a frantic game.


Healers can be divided into three subclasses similar to DPS :

  • Vanguard – These supports can venture to the front line of the fight and position themselves alongside the tank whenever necessary. Their mobility and ability to avoid damage makes them ideal for aggressive teams. Brigitte, Lucio and Kirico fall into this subcategory .
  • Third Line – The natural place for healers is behind tanks and DPS, being able to advance to the second line whenever necessary. Baptiste, Mercy, Moira and Zenyatta fall into this subcategory .
  • Shooters – This subcategory is very strange and only Ana is in it. His weapon allows him to heal allies and damage enemies from very long distances (thanks to the scope). In addition, his abilities allow him to do melee damage in emergency situations in order to escape.
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It doesn’t matter which subclass you choose because your role is the same: heal and buff at all times. There is no guide to do it. In this case, practice makes perfect . You must learn to read the games, to prioritize those who need healing and to handle your character instinctively.

For obvious reasons, you should always have one eye on your fellow healer and one on the tank , and you’re looking at the DPS out of the corner of your eye. Pay special attention to healing ninja DPS when they return from raids.

Born Leaders

Supports or healers are perfect for another function: leading the team . In the tank guide I told you that these are seen as the leaders. It happens on many occasions, but it is not the most efficient. The support or healer is ideal for this position. Why?

  • Being in the rear, they have an overview of the battlefield and can give faster and more accurate orders.
  • They know firsthand the state of the equipment and its limits . A team that advances regardless of the healer is a dead team. You must communicate with the tank to attack and move back.
Born Leaders

If you want to be a support or a healer, you must master all the sections of Overwatch 2: knowledge of the map and the heroes (allies and enemies) to know which ones to heal and boost at all times. Knowing how to position yourself is very, very important. Finally, you must give yourself to the team . If you are not empathetic, patient and able to communicate correctly, forget this role… as much as you like a hero.

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