Symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression
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The depression seen in depression, unlike the so-called blue mood, which is a normal range of depression, causes serious functional deterioration in all aspects of daily life. This time, I will explain the symptoms of depression in detail.

Symptoms of depression
The depression seen in depression is different from the normal range of “blue mood.” It causes serious functional deterioration in all aspects of daily life.

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Depression is said to affect nearly 10% of the population in a lifetime. As the name suggests, it is a illness characterized by depression.


Depression itself is something that everyone experiences in their daily lives, and the line between depression and normal-range mood depression is ambiguous. Depression can be distinguished from normal-range mood depression by the severity of the symptom and the duration of the symptom.

At that time, a wide range of detailed information is required, such as the person’s life history, the presence or absence of past illness, and the presence or absence of a person with a mental illness similar to that of a family member. Is also important information.

First, I will explain in detail the symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression: “Serious functional decline” that occurs in general daily life

Depression is incomparably deeper than the blue mood you see in everyday life. Due to the following symptoms, serious functional deterioration occurs in daily life.

  • Feeling depressed, feeling sad, more likely to tear
  • I can’t enjoy what I’ve been enjoying
  • Significant decrease in activity in daily life
  • Frustrated, uncomfortable, scattered around
  • Change in appetite (loss of appetite or overeating)
  • Changes in sleep (insomnia or sleep)
  • Fatigue is strong
  • Feel guilty, lose confidence and blame yourself
  • Poor thinking and concentration
  • Physical symptoms (headache, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Changes in libido
  • Suicidal ideation arises
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Among these symptoms of depression, the most serious problem is the risk of suicide. Depression is a disease that can be recovered relatively easily if treated early, but if left untreated, it can become a serious illness at risk of suicide.

It is estimated that many suicides were depressed at the time of suicide, and suicide and depression are known to be closely related. The brain, which has become morbid due to depression, produces irrational thoughts, and in addition to suicidal ideation, it is irrational that it makes you think that you are a worthless person and that you are annoying everyone. It makes you feel guilty.

There are different patterns of how the symptoms of depression appear. I don’t have an appetite, I can’t sleep at night, I wake up many times in the middle of the night, I feel the worst in the morning, and I feel a little lighter in the evening. It may increase and cause hypersomnia. There is also what is called masked depression, where the depression is not so noticeable and physical symptoms such as headache and abdominal pain are noticeable. If you get frustrated and hit your partner, or reject your partner because of decreased libido, they may not think it’s because of depression. Depressive symptoms may also appear seasonally, for example, only in winter when the amount of solar radiation is low.

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