The importance of idea expansion skill

The importance of idea expansion skill
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Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 02:15 pm

The skill of expanding the idea is one of the most important skills that an individual must possess, and its importance can be explained as follows:

The importance of idea expansion skill
Develop Your skills

Form wisdom in a person and improve his handling of things

A person thinks in advance of new or old ideas that preoccupy him, as he works to develop them constantly, to build in himself wisdom, and improve his handling of matters, and this is represented in identifying new concepts and terms that allow the individual to expand his horizons and continuous learning, which helps him maintain his principles, in addition to To cope with the changes of life and its development.


Living and learning from new experiences

The importance of the skill of expanding the idea lies in building new experiences and experiences for the individual in his life, for example: reading a book allows the development of the individual’s way of thinking with the new information he builds, or allows sitting in an important business meeting to see many important things in it, and the ability to improve The level and competence of the individual for himself, and thus the development of the company, or the organization.

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Discovering the wrong thinking about something

Expanding ideas enables the discovery of the wrong thinking that the individual believed in something before, or enables him to discover the wrong way of thinking for some people from his point of view, and it is worth noting that ideas are formed in the individual from his life experiences, his own view of things, and his judgment on them.

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It is important to know that there may not be an absolute truth to things, meaning that the truth differs from one person to another, according to his way of thinking and beliefs, and thus the concept of wrong thinking about something may differ from one individual to another.

Insisting on the goal and achieving it

Expanding the idea allows steadfastness on the goal, its development, and thinking about it in proportion to its capabilities; To not be exposed to material losses when achieving it. What is meant is that when an individual sets a goal, such as building a tower, for example, he must think well before starting to build it, and plan for it at all levels; To avoid any further problems.

Share ideas with others and benefit from them

The skill of expanding the idea and sharing it with others helps to develop it, and plan to achieve it, as sharing ideas allows obtaining the best possible solutions, and it is worth noting that the development of an individual’s ideas is not easy when shared with others, but it happens with time.

People’s opinions are formed

The skill of expanding the idea helps to form the opinions of the individual, and the ability to make sound decisions. It also helps to develop the individual and develop his skills, and make him able to read more and be informed; To gain access to information, and to participate actively in influencing society to reach a high degree of culture.

Creativity in finding solutions

Creativity is linked to innovative and diverse thinking, where continuous thinking includes finding many answers and solutions instead of one answer or solution, and the importance of expanding ideas lies in reaching a large base of suggestions that broadens the horizon of the person.

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How to develop idea expansion skill

The first step in developing the skill of expanding the idea begins by writing down ideas and keeping them in a special notebook, for example, starting with the first idea and drawing it on the first page, then writing and drawing the second idea, and proceeding to expand the second idea to include a third and fourth idea, until reaching 10 dependent ideas. For the first idea at least.

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It is worth noting that it is necessary to look at things from more than one point of view and angle, as this helps to expand ideas, and this can be applied using the method of wearing the six caps, where it is seen from each cap and its color an idea, and the following is the clarification:

  • White hat

It denotes the search for facts and data, and when wearing it and looking from its side, the person identifies the information before discussing it into ideas.

  • Yellow hat

It indicates the need for a positive view of the idea, and when wearing it and looking from its side, the person will see positive thoughts, and the good things in it.

  • The Red Hat

You pay attention to emotions towards an idea, and when you wear it, a person will notice the emotional reaction, and show passion when thinking.

  • Green hat

It is concerned with the creative view of ideas, where a person resorts to thinking creatively to reach a solution to problems in the best way.

  • Black hat
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It is concerned with the negative view of thoughts, where a person tends to think about the consequences of things, and it is the last view that it is preferable to resort to because it limits thoughts.

  • Blue hat

It is concerned with the constructive view of ideas and goals, in which the person focuses on the search for new solutions.

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