The man who pushed Tiger Woods away in one shot!

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The man who did not take a picture of the ‘golf emperor’ Tiger Woods with his cell phone like everyone else, just took a can of beer in his hand and caught his shot, but the man who suddenly became a star is a hot topic.

The man who pushed Tiger Woods away in one shot!
Watch Point! Pay attention to the appearance of a gallery that is different from others! On May 20, 2022 (local time) (local time), a man pulled out his cell phone and took a video of Tiger Woods’s second shot on the 1st hole of the PGA Championship held at the Southern Hills Country Club in Hokrahoma, the home country of Hokrahoma. Watching a shot of Woods with a beer. / Getty Images Korea

At the PGA Championship held in Oklahoma, USA on the 20th (local time), the moment the ‘Emperor’ wields a big shot after leaving countless galleries behind, the galleries standing like a folding screen might miss this moment. Only one man held a can of beer in his hands and focused his attention on Woods’ shot motion.

A reversal took place when a photo of Tiger Woods’ shot became known. Netizens who looked at the photo rather paid attention to the man on the outskirts holding a can of beer and shouted at his watching the game.

Mark Raditic
The beer company ‘Michelop Ultra’ called ‘Michelop Guy’ with a love call to this problematic golf fan ‘Mark Raditic’ and started making goodies and canned beer with his image./Twitter

Netizens cheered for the fact that they took everything they saw on their cell phone on camera, and even sat back in a different way as if they were rebelling against the obsessions and duties of modern people.

Another place that paid attention to this man known as ‘Mark Raditic’ from Missouri, USA was the ‘Michelop Ultra’ company, a canned beer he was holding. The company, which sensed the cheers of netizens shown in Mark Raditic, called him ‘Michelop Guy’ along with a love call, and started making goodies and canned beer with his image, raising his presence even higher.

“He who knows is not as good as the one who likes it, and the one who loves is not as good as the one who enjoys it.”

As the saying goes, this beer company came out with the concept of ‘it’s only worth it if you enjoy it’.

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Raditic, who suddenly became a ‘Michelop Guy’, said in an interview with the local local media, “I never imagined it would be like this while I was holding a beer.” “Actually, I can’t even handle a cell phone well, but it’s a difficult second shot for Woods. “I wanted to see the shot with my own eyes,” he said. At the time, there was a sign at the scene saying, ‘No shooting within 100 yards’.

As the beer company became known to have promised unlimited beer along with an advertising contract with Raditic, netizens once again expressed their envy by mentioning his attitude to enjoy his moments.

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