Therabody vs theragun massage boots: Feel like a footballer

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Do you know Therabody, a brand specializing in massage guns? At the IFA in Berlin, we were able to try its products, which are intended in particular for athletes.

In the halls of the IFA in Berlin , we came across a lot of connected watches and bracelets. Health is more important than ever for electronics brands, all of which are trying to break into this booming market. In the midst of these thousands of watches, it was another brand that caught our curiosity: Therabody.

Therabody, an American company founded in 2009 under the identity of Theragun, has an amazing catalog. Massage gun, devices for the face, vibrating rollers, compression system for the legs… All of its products are connected and bulky, which is inevitably intriguing. What are they worth? response after 30-40 minutes of testing.


Feel like a footballer

Like the author of this article, you may have already wondered what the purpose of the leg bags that footballers put themselves in after each match. We were able to try the “RecoveryAir JetBoots”, an expensive device sold at a price of 899 euros. It is used by several professional players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kevin De Bruyne. Therabody also has a deal with Paris Saint-Germain, but not all of its stars use its products (some have partnerships with the competition).

Therabody massage boots. // Source: Numerama
Therabody massage boots. // Source: Numerama

What are JetBoots used for? Once put on and activated, they begin by massaging you from the feet up. Several pressure levels can be selected since, overall, their one and only purpose is to press hard on your legs while massaging you. The sensation is as strange as it is relaxing, sometimes with the impression of having too heavy legs and of not being able to walk. The whole is supposed to improve blood circulation and, after an effort, helps to recover.

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What are JetBoots worth? Difficult to give you a medical opinion. On the other hand, from a comfort point of view, it’s quite brilliant. If I don’t do a lot of sport, I could see myself wearing them in front of the TV every night. Coming out of the leggings, I felt really relaxed.

The massage gun, the safe bet

Do we need to introduce the massage guns, which have become more and more popular in recent years? Therabody is one of the first to get started and offers several versions of its Theragun, between 299 and 599 euros (excluding the mini model, which is very limited). Their real strength is their handle which makes it easy to use the massager on any part of the body, including the back of the legs, without bending over backwards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of Therabody for his massage gun
Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of Therabody for his massage gun.  // Source: Numerama

Never interested in this kind of technology before, our quick test made us want to see more. We are not sure that Therabody really improves the physical condition of its users, but we definitely want to try other devices of its kind.

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