This Former Banker Wants To Be A Reptile, Willing To Spend 60,000 US dollars For Body Modification

This former banker wants to be a reptile, willing to spend 60 Thousand USD for body modification.
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He spent 60,000 US dollars to modify his body into a genderless reptile.

This former banker wants to be a reptile, willing to spend 60 Thousand USD  for body modification.
This former banker wants to be a reptile, willing to spend 60 Thousand USD for body modification. ( @Photo/YouTube Truly)

The man named Richard Hernandez was also willing to change his name to Tiamat Legion Medusa. He has also shared his journey to becoming a full-fledged “Reptoid”.

To date, Tiamat has spent a fortune on body modifications including castration, ear removal, tongue cleavage and the installation of 18 horn implants.


The fantastic changes aren’t over yet with pre-surgical transsexual plans for penis removal, tooth extraction and more tattoos to completely transform from human to reptile.

“People think that people who are modified, especially those who go to extremes to look like something in a sci-fi movie, are losers and stupid as shit. In my past life as a man, I was vice president of banking at one of the largest financial institutions in the country,” said the 60-year-old man.

“I want people to know that modified people are just as intelligent, kind, compassionate, and kind as anyone else. Just because I had my ear removed doesn’t mean my brain just popped out and I’m just a babbling idiot.”

Tiamat says he struggled to be born a boy since the age of 11 and came out gay. Meanwhile, the dream of being a woman must be kept secret. After graduating high school in 1979, he fled the small town of Bruni to live in Houston and life took a positive turn when a position as an entry-level clerk opened at JP Morgan Chase bank.

But the decision to switch careers and be modified for the first time in 1997 with a pair of horns for 330 Euros came after diagnosis. HIV and then AIDS which was then considered a death sentence.

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“Because I thought I was going to die, I started modifying my body because I felt like it was a race against time. I removed the part of myself that offended me including some of my physical attributes as well as how I live my life today as a part human and part reptile creature,” Tiamat said.

“Having been to hell and back, after experiencing so much cruelty at the hands of humans, making myself something of another species was my own way of dealing with the spiritual, emotional, psychological pain and suffering that continues to torment me throughout my life today,” he said. Tiamat.

“It may not be how other people will handle things but this is my life and I will do things my way – and I will continue to march to the beat of my own drum,” he said.

After the initial transformation, Tiamat grew 38B breasts as a result of hormones and has undergone prostate removal and castration as part of her transition from male to female. He had 18 horn implants, both ears removed, part of his nose removed and reshaped inspired by the character Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

Not only that, Tiamat’s six teeth were also extracted, the whites of both eyes were changed to permanent green, and the shape of the tongue was changed to resemble a snake’s fork. He has legally changed the name and says he wants to be an inspiration to non-binary individuals.

“I am in a genderless process. My main preference is to just be called ‘it [a pronoun in English]’, like my own kind, snake. It is my goal and mission to break the gender binary and to inspire others out there to embrace being non-binary by sharing my story about being genderless.”

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Tiamat hopes the full transformation will be completed by 2025 and will get seven new horns as well as a penectomy (complete removal of the penis).

“I’m not done yet, I’m going to get more horns and continue to break my own record as one of the most modified humans in the world,” he said.

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