Today’s Globle Game Answer of July 9, 2022

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Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 10:30 pm

If we had to pick one thing that we all enjoy, it would be getting the Globle Game Answer for the day! No one ever says no to travel, regardless of our age or circumstance. However, lockdown is a major impediment on our bucket list. That is why Globle Game, a geographical spin-off of the popular Wordle, has become our new escape. However, cracking it is a difficult task, which is why we are accompanying you on your Today’s Globle Answer Trip of 9 July 2022. Timor Leste is the Globle Answer for July 9.

Globle Game Answer

When Wordle became popular, many twisted and extended versions began to appear on a daily basis. However, not all are worth your time; only the best ones that provide you with the ultimate thrill and mind exercise are worthy of your attention. GLOBLE is one of these fantastic guessing games.


After the Worldle game, another geographical take on Wordle, Globle raises the difficulty to a much higher level. As a result, guessing these daily Globle Game Answers becomes increasingly difficult. To make things easier for you, we will provide you with Today’s Globle Answer of 9 July ahead of time, complete with all the clues and solutions.

What is Globle game is?

Globle is one of several popular geography-based daily games. Some of the player base for Globle have been gained from it trending on Twitter with players tweeting their scores, similar to some of the other games that have given it a unique spin.

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If you haven’t played Globle yet, it’s a simple game. Players must guess the daily mystery country in the fewest number of guesses possible.

Worldle or Globle, Which is the better game?

Globle and Worldle are both the geographical spin-off sensations to the Wordle puzzle game. But these 3 games vary from each other in many conditions like-

  1. Worldle offers 6 guessing Slots, while Globle offers Unlimited guessing Slots.
  2. Worldle gives an outline of the Daily Wordle Answer, whereas no hints or clues are provided by Globle.
  3. Globle Game is more mysterious and difficult than Worldle.

Both of the games offer you an amazing brainstorming exercise. So, what are you waiting for? Give both of them a try and solve Today’s Worldle, Antiwordle Answer and Globle Answer.

How to play Globle?

Every day, there is a new Mystery Country. Your goal is to guess the mystery country using the fewest number of guesses. Each incorrect guess will appear on the globe with a colour indicating how close it is to the Mystery Country. The hotter the colour, the closer you are to the answer.

How to play Globle?

For example, if the Mystery Country is Japan, then the following countries would appear with these colours if guessed:

What is today’s Globle Game Answer?

In case you didn’t manage to guess the name yet, the answer of today’s Globle Answer is:


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